“Get in the Show” Concluded!

By | November 12, 2012

On November 3, 2012, fans gathered at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs for a live “Get in the Show” finale, with fans around the world watching a live stream of the event via the Official Site. It was an Odyssey first to allow fans to live stream the exciting celebration. With thousands of viewers, it made for an exciting event.

Actors Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, and Zach Callison performed alongside the three “Get in the Show” finalists, with Shona voted as the winner by fans on location at the event as well as online viewers. Shona, a big congratulations from The Odyssey Scoop. We look forward to hearing you in Album 57!

The November live event featured performances by the three “Get in the Show” contestants, a question and answer session with the actors, a re-play of the Birthday Bash live show in Dallas, lunch, birthday cake, and more.

Directly after the “Get in the Show” finale, the Odyssey team made a video of the Adventures in Odyssey live show from July available for free in the Family Store. If you missed the live show in Dallas, Texas this summer, now’s your chance to download your free copy from Focus on the Family. It’s a great video to add to your collection and a great way to catch up if you weren’t able to attend the event. Happy Birthday to Adventures in Odyssey!

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