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The Odyssey ScoopCast Reviews “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”

By | November 29, 2021

As we near the end of our review series of Adventures in Odyssey Album 70, “Finding a Way,” the team parks on the last episode and discusses the first installment in the aftermath of the Morrie Rydell Saga. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off in ReviewHonesty is the best policy… or is it? This concept […]

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Now Available: “A Slippery Slope”

By | November 26, 2021

It’s never been easier to be an Adventures in Odyssey fan. Episodes are always at our fingertips, whether available on CD, digital download, or through the Adventures in Odyssey Club. Album 71, A Slippery Slope, is now available in all three formats. About A Slippery Slope “I’m sure you don’t want everyone to know what […]

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The Odyssey ScoopCast Reviews “The Protector”

By | November 23, 2021

Moving right along with our review of Adventures in Odyssey Album 70 on The Odyssey ScoopCast! Join us for our latest edition, and if you aren’t subscribed, go ahead and do so! The Protector in ReviewThe ScoopCast zooms in to save the day with a review of the next episode in Album 70, “The Protector.” […]

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In Memory of Will Ryan (May 21, 1949—November 19, 2021)

By | November 20, 2021

“Greetings and salutations!” has been heard all over the world by Adventures in Odyssey listeners, the familiar and unique way in which Eugene Meltsner introduces himself throughout the series. For over 33 years, countless people have experienced the many adventures of Eugene Meltsner, his quirky way of communicating that often confuses his audience, and the […]

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The Odyssey ScoopCast Reviews “Unrelatable”

By | November 14, 2021

It’s an episode full of personalities, predicaments, and problems. Join us for the next episode review of Adventures in Odyssey Album 70 on The Odyssey ScoopCast! Unrelatable in ReviewThe podcast trio moves right along with their review of “Unrelatable” from Album 70: “Finding a Way.” The team dissects Connie’s actions in the episode and compares […]

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The journey continues in Album 72: “The Long Road Home”

By | November 11, 2021

Wondering what will happen to Olivia in her journey of faith? The wait may be over sooner than you expect! The beginning of Album 72: The Long Road Home is airing early on the radio later this month! The episode list has been partially released: #928: “The Lost One, Part 1” #929: “The Lost One, […]

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The Odyssey ScoopCast Reviews “Auto Response”

By | November 7, 2021

Leaves are falling, cooler air is settling in, but The Odyssey ScoopCast is getting heated up! Join us for the next episode review of Adventures in Odyssey Album 70 on The Odyssey ScoopCast! Auto Response In in ReviewThe ScoopCast’s review series of Album 70, “Finding a Way” continues full speed ahead with “Auto Response.” As Michael, […]

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