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Opinion Article: “A Case for Modern AIO”

By | July 30, 2016

Today we’re pleased to present a brand-new opinion piece by one of our fans: Austin Peachey. Austin is a very active Adventures in Odyssey fan in the online community and maintains the AIO Blog fan site. He recently wrote an article, “A Case for Modern AIO”, which takes a look at many of the modern misconceptions about […]

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Album 61, “Without a Hitch,” Debuts on the Odyssey Adventure Club

By | July 15, 2016

Adventures in Odyssey fans are anxiously awaiting the next audio album, which releases this fall. In the meantime, Odyssey Adventure Club members can listen to a new episode from this collection each Thursday, which officially began July 14th. Here’s what you can expect from your friends in Odyssey in Album 61, Without a Hitch: Wedding bells […]

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Now Airing on OAC: “The Boat People, Part 1”

By | July 1, 2016

For the month of July, the Odyssey Adventure Club has released a new exclusive episode to its members. Members, login via your mobile apps and browsers to start the adventure. The Boat People, Part 1 A boy explains how his desperate family fled Vietnam—a dramatic tale that also involves Whit and a mysterious ring. You can […]

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