The Get in the Show Contest Concludes

By | August 24, 2017

It was an event of epic proportions! As the Odyssey team gets ready to celebrate the show’s 30th birthday this November aboard the Focus on the Family 40th Anniversary Cruise, the nation-wide search for the second Get in the Show winner concluded on August 12th at the Get in the Show Finale Event at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. Fans even had an opportunity to live stream from home and witness the auditions of three finalists, and even vote for their favorite.

The Get in the Show Finale Event featured actors Andre Stojka (Whit), Katie Leigh (Connie), Shona Kennedy (Jules) alongside the Get in the Show finalists. The day was filled with exciting activities for Adventures in Odyssey attendees. The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast recently released a special recap of the eventIt’s definitely worth watching if you weren’t able to attend in person or via live stream.

From The Odyssey Scoop, we’d like to congratulate grand prize winner Grayson Smith! Grayson will be joining the Odyssey team this November on the Focus on the Family cruise, and he will also have the opportunity to perform in a live show with the Odyssey actors. Also, congratulations to contestants Dalyn Stewart and Bethany Rech for making it this far and for their great performances!

Grayson Smith, winner of the 2017 Get in the Show contest hosted by Focus on the Family on August 12, 2017

Additionally, it’s great to hear things from the fans’ perspectives when exciting Adventures in Odyssey events take place. Our friends over at Audio Theatre Central have just released a special behind-the-scenes podcast showcasing interviews with fans, contestants, team members, and even the Adventures in Odyssey actors. Don’t miss it!

Stay tuned, friends! The 30th birthday celebration of Adventures in Odyssey quickly approaches!

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