Adventures in Odyssey Arrives on iTunes

By | September 7, 2012

It’s finally beginning to happen, Odyssey fans! Adventures in Odyssey titles are making their way onto the iTunes Store!

Albums can be purchased from the iTunes Store for $17.99.

Adventures in Odyssey is re-entering the Apple market and provides a great way for mobile users―or simply Apple users in general―to purchase titles from a series 25 years in the making. Titles from the series are beginning to appear and are available for $17.99.

Currently, entire albums can be purchased, and behind-the-scenes bonus features can be purchased individually. Plus, you can download individual Adventures in Odyssey episodes. You’ll notice that new cover arts for some of the repackaged albums have emerged as well. Other Times, Other Places, At Home and Abroad, and Back on the Air feature updated covers, with others expected to arrive later. And for those of you who haven’t purchased The Grand Design yet, it’s also available in the iTunes Store.

Several years ago, Focus on the Family released albums on iTunes, but they disappeared. However, now that they’re back, Odyssey can reach out to more fans than ever before. To access Adventures in Odyssey albums, simply search Adventures in Odyssey in the iTunes Store or search for individual album titles.

Stay tuned, fans. We’ll keep you posted as news develops!

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