AIO Repack Now Available: “At Home and Abroad”

By | February 16, 2015

Album 12: At Home and AbroadCollectors, if you’ve been following closely over the past few years, then you know it has been a long journey to get your collection to look consistent. Album 12, At Home and Abroad, recently jumped on board for reprint and is now available from Focus on the Family at online retailers and at your local Christian bookstore.

About At Home and Abroad:
The Odyssey gang is ready to take you to new and fascinating places, including a mysterious trip south of the border, and the crime scene of a dramatic robbery—which happens to be Whit’s End! Each episode is full of exciting action and valuable lessons that are perfect springboards for discussing important issues with your kids.

Also, we had mentioned several months ago that Album 42, No Way Out, would be making its way to bookstore shelves. If you’re a collector and have successfully found your copy, feel free to sound off in the comments below and confirm that you received it.

Of course, with the next collection quickly approaching (Album 59: Taking the Plunge), it will feature a slightly different product package with only two CD’s (think Wooton’s Whirled History). Overall, the audio packages from here on out will look consistent (same arcs and rays), but with fewer episodes so as to be able to release two albums per year. But we’ve already talked about that here if you’re interested.

Ideally, many fans would rather the series continue with only one album release per year to keep the 4-CD, 12 episode consistency, but change is inevitable and it makes more sense to release two albums each year with fewer episodes. As production costs increase and with digital collections becoming a more popular way of life for Adventures in Odyssey fans (and the secular world as physical CD sales decrease), we aren’t a bit surprised.

To learn more about the Adventures in Odyssey repack schedule, click here. At the moment, only four more albums are left until the series looks consistent! Oh, and sound off your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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