“Eugene Sings!” at Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Bash!

By | July 2, 2012

Amidst all the hubbub of Adventures in Odyssey’s 25th Birthday Bash on June 16th, a unique quartet of Odyssey fans merged on the scene. Grant, Daniel, Samuel, and Andrew (brothers) attended the “Get in the Show” event on June 15th at Mardel Bookstore prior to the Birthday Bash.

Grant, one of the Barbershop Quartet singers, describes his adventure to the event:

“My three brothers (Daniel, Samuel, and Andrew) and I went down to Dallas, Texas on June 16 for Adventures in Odyssey’s 25th Birthday Bash at the Irving Bible Church. The experience was a blast! The best vacation I’ve EVER had. (And I was standing up for almost 10 hours, with small breaks.) Anyways, we sang a song at the Birthday Bash (not on stage, but outside in the lobby, while fans were standing in line). Will Ryan, the guy who plays Eugene, wrote the song for his ukelele album, Eugene Sings!, and I arranged it for Barbershop Quartet.

(Actually, we were able to sing it for Will Ryan and a few of the other actors at a mini bookstore event the day before the main live event. We couldn’t have been more surprised with their reactions: Katie Leigh (the actress who plays Connie) and AIO host Chris Anthony cried at the song. Brock Eastman (AIO marketing guy) was pressing to get the actors out of the building because they had somewhere to be, but Will Ryan insisted upon staying for the whole song, and even took a picture with us afterwords.)

KBCI, a radio station in Dallas, was there at the Live Show. They liked our song so much that they loaned us a microphone so that the crowd could hear us better and asked if the could put the song on their saturday morning kids radio show.”

KBCI’s Coconut Hut Radio Show aired their recorded version of “O-D-Y Double S-E-Y” in the morning time slot on June 30, 2012. Adventures in Odyssey continues to impact fans around the world. And when we hear stories like this, we’re reminded of just how devoted Adventures in Odyssey fans are to quality entertainment.

And we’ve showcased the song so you can hear it:


Were you at the live show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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