Happy Birthday, Odyssey!

By | November 22, 2012

And it’s official, folks. A radio show like no other—Adventures in Odyssey—turned 25 years old on November 21, 2012. Twenty-five years ago, the first Adventures in Odyssey episode, Whit’s Flop, made its debut on 200 radio stations in the United States (November 21, 1987). Who would have ever imagined that the show would make it this long?

It’s a show that speaks to every generation. And our big thanks to our friends at Focus on the Family for their dedication to create great programming and a desire not to “throw in the towel” when times were tough. Plus, without Focus, The Odyssey Scoop wouldn’t even be around today to support the show.

Fans, thank YOU for everything you’ve done to make Adventures in Odyssey as timeless as it is, by listening to the show, purchasing the albums to support the productions of more episodes, and for being the best fans in the world. I was first introduced to the show in 1991 and quickly became a fan after listening to my first album. Like me, listeners grew up with the show and we’re starting to see new generations introduced to a series like no other.

Adventures in Odyssey is a program that speaks for itself. Here’s to 25 more years of quality, redeeming entertainment. There’s no doubt that God has blessed the work of the countless writers, actors, and producers that have come and gone over the years.

Happy Birthday, Adventures in Odyssey! Here’s to 25 more years!

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