Spring 2012 Episodes in Review

By | June 4, 2012

Hold on tight! We’re releasing the remaining reviews for the Spring 2012 season of Adventures in Odyssey today. Be sure to check them out. Our reviewer, Ben Warren, faithfully reviews Adventures in Odyssey episodes as they air and shares his perspective on a show that keeps fans guessing.

Sergeant York, Parts 1-4
“Long or short, the totality of Sgt. York’s life is inspiring and deserves the time it takes to tell it. This adaptation is a seamless and sweeping journey about York’s physical and spiritual struggles. Regardless of your stance on war, Dave Arnold has taken his subject seriously, writing and directing an episode that is not only entertaining and informational but thought-provoking, and certainly worthy of the man it reflects.” …Read full review

Child’s Play
“Child’s Play provides a peek into an alternate reality, of sorts; a series in which Eugene and Katrina have a family…and they’re all quite happy. By the end of the episode, we are struck with the realization that we are never going to see Eugene awkwardly disciplining his child, or fabricating a technologically advanced diaper, or teaching a mini-Eugene the formula for velocity. This realization makes Child’s Play a little bittersweet, really…” …Read full review

Something Old, Something New, Parts 1-2
“Something Old, Something New has several fun moments. It features an impressively large cast with a mish-mash of old and new characters. You could tell the actors were all having a blast in the recording room. By the end, however, the episode ends up being more of a downer than a lighthearted comedy. We’re left, ironically, learning an important lesson about “regret” even though thousands of fans are now staring longingly at their Mitch posters and wondering ‘what if’…” …Read full review

Moving forward, a summer season of Adventures in Odyssey approaches. During ths summer months, get ready for a complete re-airing of The Green Ring Conspiracy, one of AIO’s most action-packed mini-series to date!

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