The Official Podcast, Kathy Buchanan, and Connie & Mitch

By | May 31, 2012

The latest edition of The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast interviews Odyssey writer Kathy Buchanan about the recent developments with Connie and Mitch’s relationship and sets out to resolve one of AIO’s biggest fan questions:

Kathy Buchanan tells us all about Mitch’s recent return and whether there’s any hope for another return. Plus, hear about what’s coming up next season..


Of all the podcasts released by the Odyssey team in the past few years, this is a podcast you won’t want to miss as Kathy Buchanan discusses the reasoning behind the developments in the Spring 2012 finale episode Something Old, Something New. What’s the story with Connie and Mitch’s relationship? All this and more is answered once and for all.

And now, with another Adventures in Odyssey season concluded, we’ll be bringing you news about future AIO plans and this summer’s big celebration of 25 years of the world’s #1 audio drama.

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