The Odyssey ScoopCast #35

By | June 10, 2012

Today we conclude The Odyssey ScoopCast interview series with voice actress Kimmy Robertson:

It’s a casual conversation as we wrap up our interview with voice actress Kimmy Robertson. Kimmy discusses the voice acting world and gives insights to fans interested in acting. Plus, host Kevin McCreary shares a special announcement about Adventures in Odyssey’s upcoming 25th anniversary celebration on June 16, 2012.

Listen to our latest edition of The Odyssey ScoopCast and learn how to subscribe via your favorite podcasting software here. We’re quickly approaching June 16th, the day of the Adventures in Odyssey live show performance in Dallas, Texas. Our ScoopCast team (Kevin McCreary and Garrett Vandenberg) will be there to film their adventures during the events… and you’ll get to see it all in the next video edition of The Odyssey ScoopCast!

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