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Fall 2012 Season Reviews Now Available

By | February 11, 2013

We have exciting news to share today! With another season of Adventures in Odyssey behind us, we’re pleased to present a large batch of reviews for all the episodes in the latest AIO release, The Grand Design. Last season was a crazy season as the Odyssey team headed into their 25th anniversary celebration, and the album […]

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The Avery Awards with Bob and Jesse

By | February 7, 2013

With Album 56, The Grand Design, now behind us, the Odyssey team presents its first video edition of the popular Avery Awards, a semi-annual awards ceremony highlighting performances in the latest Adventures in Odyssey audio package. Bob and Jesse present the awards for Album 56: The Grand Design. The awards include: “Best Actress,” “Best Sound,” “Best Actor,” […]

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Now Airing: “The Perfect Church”

By | October 8, 2012

A new season of Adventures in Odyssey has officially begun, with The Perfect Church (Part One) debuting on radio stations, and online: After Matthew sees the problems and conflicts at his own church, Whit sends him on an Imagination Station adventure to witness the very first church in the book of Acts. October 6th marked the fall […]

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“The Grand Design” Arrives on CD

By | September 14, 2012

At long last, the 56th installment in the long-standing Adventures in Odyssey audio series is available on CD. If you like adding physical hard copies to your AIO collection, now is the time to reserve your copy. Christian bookstores are adding The Grand Design to their shelves and it’s available online as well. Of course, the […]

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Free Episode: “Happy Hunting”

By | September 5, 2012

The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast is giving away another free episode. This time, an episode from the upcoming The Grand Design is now available for free: Happy Hunting. [audio:] Penny Wise embarks on a frantic search to find happiness, but in the process she makes everyone around her miserable. Plus, the Odyssey team needs your […]

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“The Grand Design” Arrives at Focus

By | August 24, 2012

Those waiting for Adventures in Odyssey’s latest audio album, The Grand Design, can expect to see the hard copy available very soon. In fact, a nice supply of albums just arrived at the Focus on the Family Bookstore in Colorado Springs. The Grand Design should be making its way to Christian bookstores and online retailers very soon. Of course, […]

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Preview “The Grand Design”

By | July 30, 2012

Readers of Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family magazine and fans of Adventures in Odyssey might be pleasantly surprised to discover that a free download of the upcoming episode from Album 56, The Grand Design, is now available for a limited time. Preview The Grand Design with the episode “Happy Hunting” now. Listen: [audio:] Penny Wise embarks on […]

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“The Grand Design” Final Cover

By | July 20, 2012

The upcoming Album 56’s final cover is out… and we’re excited to share it with you today. It seems like everyone in Odyssey is looking for something. As Emily pursues her hopes and dreams, she journeys in the Imagination Station to see Whit as a young boy. Penny goes hunting for happiness but her search […]

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Live Shows, Podcasts, and iTunes

By | July 11, 2012

Good news for Apple users everywhere! This Fall, Adventures in Odyssey will once again make its way into the iTunes Store, making AIO that much more accessible for fans. The upcoming Album 56, The Grand Design, will be available for download August 2012. That’s only one month away! Other titles in the show’s 25-year history will […]

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“The Grand Design” Cover Design

By | June 10, 2012

And we have a preliminary cover design for Album 56: The Grand Design. At this point, it is only a fan rendering closely based on the small teaser revealed in Adventures in Odyssey’s Social Shout-Out #4. You can see a larger resolution of the (not final) cover at our product page. It’s interesting to note […]

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