Now Airing in the AIO Club: “If I Never Told You”

By | January 3, 2021

Welcome to a new year, and a new season of the Adventures in Odyssey Club. Adventures in Odyssey makes a strong move into Season 8 of releasing monthly episodes for the fans. Members, login via your mobile apps and browsers to start the adventure.

If I Never Told You
Not everyone is excited when a surprise guest shows up for the Bassett-Wise holiday retreat at Trickle Lake.

  • You can learn more about this month’s adventure here.
  • Listen now in the Adventures in Odyssey Club (membership required).

About the Adventures in Odyssey Club:
The Adventures in Odyssey Club (AIOC) is a members-only club which gives families access to the entire collection of Adventures in Odyssey episodes, exclusive episodes, web quests, devotionals, and more. You can visit AIOC directly, or visit our AIOC site feature which details what each member gets with their subscription—a great resource for those who may be sitting on the fence about becoming a member! At just $9.99/month (or lower pricing for longer commitment levels), every Odyssey fan should be a part of the Adventures in Odyssey Club. You can get started with a 14-day free trial. And by being a club member, you are helping to support Adventures in Odyssey and keep the show running with more great content—and who doesn’t like that idea?

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