Out with the Old Year, in with the New

By | January 1, 2019

Happy New Year from your friends at The Odyssey Scoop! We’re blushing a little as life has had a way of being busy and distracting. Because of this, we haven’t been updating the site as much as we would like to and are going to try in 2019 to do so.

On December 22, 2018, The Odyssey Scoop just celebrated another milestone with our 18th anniversary. Of course, we couldn’t keep this site going for so long without your support, feedback, and continued interest all these years! Thank you all for your kind words, suggestions, and for being the best Adventures in Odyssey fans in the world!

We’ve begun updating some things under the hood here at the site. One of our big challenges over the years is keeping it all updated with so many pages and features to keep track of. Due to this, we primarily keep our Episodes feature updated consistently as well as our Products section. Of course, with so many other features, it is definitely difficult to keep those updated, but we’re always looking for ways to improve the site.

Stay tuned for updates in the days ahead. We’ve got some great features and updates we would like to get out in 2019. And you can definitely keep up with the latest Adventures in Odyssey news right here!

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