Adventures in Odyssey Celebrates 29 Years of Wonder, Excitement, and Discovery!

By | November 21, 2016

25th AnniversaryToday is a big day for Adventures in Odyssey! Exactly 29 years ago today, a radio journey began that no one expected would last this long. The very first episode of Odyssey USA, which would would later become Adventures in Odyssey, aired for the first time. Whit’s Flop, the show’s first official episode, has become a reminder not to give up and you can accomplish great things. And now, 29 years later, our friends at Focus on the Family celebrate nearly 30 years of one of the most successful radio dramas of all time.

Happy Birthday, Adventures in Odyssey! A big thanks to Focus on the Family for providing quality content that kids and families love for so long, and for creating a world like no other. Also, thanks to the countless people who have put in so much to bring the show to life all these years.

Watch out, fans! The next year is going to be a blur as the Odyssey team gets ready to celebrate 30 years of Adventures in Odyssey. We’ve got some great things to look forward to this next year. Hold on tight!

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