“The Ultimate Road Trip” Now Available for Download

By | April 7, 2016

The Ultimate Road Trip Family Vacation CollectionGet ready for a summer of adventure with the release of The Ultimate Road Trip: Family Vacation Collection, now available via digital download.

Product Summary:
Fasten your seat belts and settle in for a road trip adventure with the folks from Odyssey. Whether it’s surfing with Rodney Rathbone in Hawaii, running from a mad bull with Eugene Meltsner in Mexico, or chasing down a family fortune with Wooton Bassett in Alaska, you never know what will happen next! Along the way, the Barclay family learns about family togetherness on their best vacation ever, the Washingtons solve a mystery while stranded in a long-forgotten ghost town, and Bernard Walton discovers a map to an underground river of gold! Don’t miss the on-ramp to more than six hours of nonstop action and character-building fun for the whole family in our Ultimate Road Trip collection!

The Ultimate Road Trip: Family Vacation Collection releases on CD in May, so be watching for that if you would rather add to your physical collection. Currently, this collection is available for download via iTunes, Amazon, and the Focus on the Family Store (CBD). Included with the download version is a bonus digital booklet.

And, for those of you who faithfully read completely through our blog posts each time we share news, we will be giving away three copies of the CD version when it becomes available in May 2016. To be entered in the drawing, simply contact us with “The Ultimate Road Trip” as the subject of the email, and provide your name and e-mail address for us to contact you if your name is drawn so we can get the prize out to you. We will announce our winners at a later date… and it could be you!

Update: Giveaway offer is now expired and winners announced here.

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