The Whit’s End Podcast Interviews Paul McCusker

By | January 10, 2015

Paul McCuskerWe’ve come to a point in which we’re all waiting in between seasons of Adventures in Odyssey. During that wait time, fans often get in touch with the Odyssey writers to gain insights into future shows. The Whit’s End Podcast is no exception.

The podcast team recently sat down with writer Paul McCusker for his insights into future episodes of AIO. Their special two-part Q&A session reveals more about Connie and Jason, Odyssey “canon,” and even the delicate discussion involved with the creation of the latest release, The Ties That Bind (#58). As always, Paul hints at future plot lines and ideas. In addtion, he talks about Focus on the Family Radio Theatre and even Father Gilbert Mysteries.

Listen to the Interview:

Listen to Part 1
Listen to Part 2

Learn more about the Whit’s End Podcast for more podcasts and Adventures in Odyssey news.

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