Audio Theatre Central Interviews Sound Designer Rob Jorgensen

By | December 17, 2013

Audio Theatre CentralOur friends at Audio Theatre Central never cease to please their loyal following. In their latest podcast, the team brings in Adventures in Odyssey sound designer Rob Jorgensen for an in-depth interview. Rob discusses his involvement and passion for sound design, his attention to getting just the right sound effect, and more. You can also hear him as he details other projects he’s worked on over the years and how he originally became involved with Adventures in Odyssey.

Listen to the full podcast here.

And as you await for the exciting release of the Odyssey Adventure Club in January 2014 [see here for details], you can also listen to a thorough review of the latest AIO audio album, A Call to Something More, via Audio Theatre Central. Listen to their full review here.

Stay tuned, fans. I think we’re about to see some exciting things from Adventures in Odyssey!

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