AIO Timeline: A Look Back at 2012

By | January 31, 2013

Adventures in Odyssey 2012 Timeline

2012 was a big year for Adventures in Odyssey. As we get ready to move into another month in 2013, it’s always nice to look back and see how far we’ve journeyed.

Go back in time with the Adventures in Odyssey Timeline, filled with 25+ years of wonder, excitement, and discovery. Re-live Odyssey’s beginnings and journey to where the show is today. Complete with trivia, fun facts, photos, artwork, and audio moments from the world’s #1 audio drama, Adventures in Odyssey’s timeline brings you into a world of rich AIO history.

See all the exciting milestone moments of 2012 here in our newly-updated feature. If you’ve never explored this informative site feature, you’re more than welcome to get started on your journey through Adventures in Odyssey‘s rich 25-year history here. Enjoy!

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