Over the years, Adventures in Odyssey has hosted an unending variety of personalities on the show, ranging from uptight, to zany, to antisocial, to outlandish. We've compiled a feature dedicated to those types of characters, in which you can learn more about your favorites, least favorites, and even those long-forgotten. We've showcased the ones that stand out the most. While this list is not all-inclusive, it provides valuable insights into the show's rich history of personalities.


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Many summaries in our Character Guide are featured from various sources, including AIOWiki.com, a valuable Adventures in Odyssey resource. Summaries used by permission. Our listings of characters are not all-inclusive, which means we have a surplus of characters who haven't quite made it to our Who's Who here at The Odyssey Scoop. We have featured the characters we would consider significant to the Adventures in Odyssey cannon. If you know of a character we have not listed and think we should, please contact us.

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