Katrina Shanks Meltsner


After an on-and-off relationship lasting several years, Katrina Shanks finally married the relationally-challenged Eugene Meltsner. His mental equal in every way, she is a softer, non-hysterical version of Eugene. The star-crossed intellectuals were born to be together.


Katrina Shanks Meltsner, or 'Trina, as her friends call her, is a well-loved character on Adventures in Odyssey. While attending Campbell County Community College, she spent her time working at the Odyssey library where she met her future husband, Eugene Meltsner. She and Eugene shared their trials together, complete with misunderstandings, heartbreak, and even joy in marriage.


Katrina spent a lot of her time in Odyssey attending college and working part time at both Whit's End and Holstein's Books.


Several years after meeting Eugene and her new friends in Odyssey, Katrina became a Christian. That Christmas, she and Eugene ironically gave the other a Bible as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, due to Eugene's atheism, Katrina's better judgment and obedience to the Bible kept her from growing overly close to Eugene. Soon after, Katrina had to break off all ties to Eugene, Whit's End, and the town of Odyssey to allow God to give them space. Katrina disappeared from Odyssey while Dr. Regis Blackgaard tried to take over the town. Thankfully, Eugene became a Christian as well. Several tumultuous misadventures later, Katrina and Eugene tied the knot.


Katrina has always been considered a very mature and intelligent young woman. Connie Kendall was her close friend in her new Christianity, and Katrina has always made cautious decisions. She has been characterized as one who doesn't like to jump into things unless absolutely necessary.


Katrina survives her father, Armitage Shanks, who died as a result of his resistance to Andromeda's evil schemes. Her mother is still alive.




  • Katrina Shanks was originally voiced by Pamela Hayden, but currently, Audrey Wasilewski fills her role.

  • She has had a major dental surgery because she was hit in the face by a football by her own future husband.

  • Katrina dated a guy named Brandon Tuller who later became a pastor.

  • Fans everywhere waited for years to see Katrina and Eugene's marriage.


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