Connie Kendall


Connie has worked at Whit’s End since she moved to Odyssey. She is spontaneous and never inclined to hold back what she’s thinking, but she has a strong heart for discipleship—especially toward the kids at Whit’s End.


Constance Kendall, or Connie, as most people call her, started out searching for a job in Odyssey. From there, she ended up at Whit's End and has graced the series with her presence ever since. In her early days, she was a care-free 16 year-old with a mind of her own. Originally, she was not a Christian and had emotional ties to California, partying, and being with unsaved friends. However, in an episode called, appropriately enough, Connie, this young and stubborn girl realized that she needed to be forgiven.


Early in the series, Connie spent her time growing as a young Christian. Her episodes with coworker and "royal pain," Eugene Meltsner taught her a lot about herself and how to deal with people. Connie eventually taught Eugene how to drive, experienced Whit's leaving Odyssey, and many more events. During the beginning days of Odyssey, she was presented as more of a down-to-earth, adventurous character. She matured and grew as a Christian. However, in more recent days, Connie comes across as slightly self-absorbed with very low self-esteem. Although she felt she didn't have much purpose at the beginning of the show, she realized that working at Whit's End was her ministry. However, now she is characterized by incessant displays of purposelessness and bouts of immature behavior. Fortunately, fans of Adventures in Odyssey continue to love Connie Kendall anyway.


Connie has worked at Whit's End ever since she moved to Odyssey. Aside from being fired once by Mr. Whittaker, she has never quit working there. Her best friend is John Avery Whittaker, whom she confides with and requires advice. Connie and Eugene used to bicker quite frequently because they didn't get along; but as they matured, they have been able to deal with each other's conflicting personalities.


At the end of her high school days, Connie faced a moral dilemma: whether or not she should say a prayer during her graduation ceremony. As the valedictorian of her class, Connie displayed her moral convictions openly.


Connie hasn't been without her share of crushes and relationships. In her early days, Connie dated a guy named Jeff, but had to end the relationship because he was an unbeliever. Also, she spent some time dating a man named Robert Mitchell, who was very popular with the fans. Due to conflicting interests and life goals, sadly the relationship had to be discontinued. Fans everywhere are still hoping to see the two of them tie the knot in the future. Connie currently works at Whit's End and attends Campbell County Community College.




  • Connie is played by Katie Leigh, who has voiced her the entire time on AIO.

  • She has never left the show for an extended period of time, as Eugene and Whit have.

  • Connie's biggest fear is her fear of staplers, but she doesn't want anybody to know. She isn't necessarily afraid of a stapler if it sits on a desk, but the idea of using them gives her the creeps.

  • Katie Leigh's son Adam Pavlakovich appeared on the show as Cal Jordan during the Novacom Saga.

  • Connie has participated in a number of Kids Radio shows, with her main show "Candid Conversations with Connie."

  • She also has her own wedding planning service, Dreams by Constance, though she hardly ever gets business with a lack of weddings to plan. Fortunately, she did get to plan Eugene and Katrina's after they returned to Odyssey.


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