Eugene Meltsner
Main Character on Adventures in Odyssey


Eugene is Whit’s dependable, eccentric genius of an assistant. Whether he’s working at Whit’s End, teaching at Campbell College, or developing another big invention, Eugene knows everything about everything (or thinks he does).


Eugene Meltsner, Odyssey's "resident genius and mad scientist," has had his fair share of adventures over the years. Born to Leonard and Thelma Meltsner, Eugene lived with his parents until he was seven years old. After they were lost in an archaeological expedition in Africa, Eugene became a foster child and eventually started college when he was eleven.


Eugene boasts of multiple college degrees through Campbell County Community College, and he even held a job in the Computer Science Department. Eugene arrived in Odyssey shortly after Connie Kendall and has worked at Whit's End ever since. He and Connie bickered over silly things for years because the both of them had some maturing to do. However, he doesn't spend as much time at Whit's End as he did in the past since he is now the founder of his organization, "Hand Up." Eugene spends much of his time helping people in need around Odyssey and surrounding cities.


In his free time, Eugene enjoys doing exhaustive amounts of research, computer programming, and mastering the world of knowledge. His laptop is his closest friend -- besides Katrina Shanks and Connie Kendall. Eugene also boasts of many computer programs and Imagination Station adventures for Whit's End.


Eugene currently resides in Odyssey with his wife Katrina Shanks Meltsner. For years, Eugene and Katrina had a tumultuous and toilsome relationship, mainly because of Eugene's communication problems. Misunderstandings characterized Eugene for years. Ultimately, he and Katrina were married at Katrina's father's bedside before he died. Due to his scientific discovery with a Radio Wave Study, Eugene and Katrina had to skip town with the vital information. Before returning to Odyssey, Eugene developed amnesia and his memories quickly came back.


To make up for their last-minute and unplanned wedding, Eugene and Katrina allowed Connie to plan a real wedding for them.


And the episodes don't stop there. Soon after his marriage, Eugene had the opportunity to finally meet up with his living father Leonard. Unfortunately, Thelma, Eugene's mother, is dead.


Eugene became a Christian during his trials with Dr. Regis Blackgaard while John Avery Whittaker was in the middle east.




  • Eugene first appears in the episode Connie and has been on the show ever since.

  • Voiced by Will Ryan, Eugene took a several year hiatus from AIO as actor availability became an issue.

  • As a child, Eugene once programmed the refrigerator to zap his parents while they were dieting to keep them away from the food. Ironically enough, Eugene programmed his current fridge to talk to Katrina his wife. Other kitchen appliances became his target, too.

  • Eugene doesn't like beef jerky, eating sugary cereals, being late to work, or communicating in modern day English.

  • Fortunately, Eugene is now married to the only other person in the world who can understand him -- Katrina.

  • Eugene has a distant cousin living in Odyssey: Bernard Walton.

  • During the course of the show, Eugene has graced the show with his ukelele music, and has even had two musical albums released (Eugene Sings! and Eugene Sings! Christmas).


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