Eugene Sings!

Odyssey's boy genius sounds off! Here's Eugene like you've never heard him before. For the first time ever, Eugene croons, strums, and harmonizes his way through more than a dozen wonderfully original songs in his debut music release Eugene Sings! From mangy canine ballads to poignant love songs, Eugene Sings! is sure to keep the whole family laughing and singing to the melodious meanderings of Eugene Meltsner!


Odyssey's boy genius croons 17 wonderfully original songs!

  • Have You Ever Been to Odyssey?
  • My Dog Has Fleas!
  • I Just Met a Girl Named Katrina
  • Prestidigitation Number One for Tenor Ukelele
  • Love One Another
  • The Moonlight, a Tuba and You
  • I'll Never Sneeze Again
  • The Twenty-First Century Model T Syncopators attend a Spelling Bee
  • The Only Thing Missing is You
  • Lift Up Your Heads!
  • Play Me a Ukelele Tune
  • A Very Short Song
  • Variations on a Familiar Theme
  • Pulchra Nympha Tu!
  • Fleebo the Dog is Presented at Court (The "My Dog Has Fleas" Mazurka)
  • O-D-Y-Double S-E-Y!
  • The Rose of Antelope Valley
  • Plus! Bonus Track!


About the Artist

Artist, Writer, Arranger and Producer

Will Ryan has played numerous voice roles in the entertainment business. His credits include the seahorse in The Little Mermaid, Papa Bear in Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Petrie in The Land Before Time. The Emmy Award-winning producer, lyricist and composer also created Eugene Sings! and voiced Tigger and Rabbit on the Disney Channelís long-running "Welcome to Pooh Corner" series. Of course, we know and love him as Eugene.


Our Review


Out of all the music CDs I have ever heard that are directed for children, this album takes the cake. Each song has its own musical twist. Who wouldn't want to sing along with Eugene in "Have You Ever Been to Odyssey?" or "The Only Thing Missing Is You"? I recommend this music album to children and adults alike. I know a couple twenty five year-olds and going-over-50 fans of this callaphonic album! Whenever I need a pick-me-up, Eugene Sings! is one of the first places I turn to. It's great for driving in the car, singing on the road, and enjoying life. Purchase this album if you like having songs stuck in your head all day!



-No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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