Bernard Walton


Bernard Walton is a one-of-a-kind personality. With years of experience in the window washing business, Bernard has picked up some traits like none other. Bernard has lived in Odyssey for many years using his janitorial skills, and he has washed windows for the Harlequin Dinner Theatre, Whit's End, the Electric Palace, Finneman's Market, the Golden Glass Company, and many others. He is a hard worker with very quality work. He prides himself in his ability to get jobs done effectively and on time. Over the years, he has dedicated his life to janitorial work. He even won the Golden Squeegee Award for excellence.


No window washer has a personality like Bernard's. The kids at Whit's End have grown to love Bernard for his querky personality when telling Bible stories or personal experiences. Eugene, Connie, Whit, and others have seen Bernard's stubbornness, his sense of humor, his sarcasm, and his good work ethic. Bernard often mumbles to himself when he is frustrated or disagrees with something he's heard or seen. Usually, others will catch on to this, but won't hear some of the things he says. In general, Bernard's distrust of technology makes him old-fashioned, even when he purchased a high-tech cell phone to help his business. He doesn't know the first thing about computers. He has even been known to destroy Eugene's computer when he unsuspectingly tried to wash it with a squeegee.


Bernard is also a curious person. He likes to know what is going on in the lives of others, to the extent that he'll hide and watch from a distance. His run-ins with Connie and Eugene have always been hilarious. Although he knows nothing about chess, he seems to win every time with no strategy.


Bernard often makes references to Maude, his wife, who has only appeared once on the show. He easily gets annoyed, especially when Eugene is talking over his head. Because of this, he attempts to avoid being in Eugene's presence whenever possible. Consequently, he and Eugene took a road trip across the country to trade in Bernard's old pickup truck.


Strangely enough, Bernard keeps coming back to Whit's End to wash the windows and see what is going on in the lives of his friends. His uncanny sense of humor will never be forgotten.




  • Bernard Walton first appeared in the episode By Any Other Name and has been on the show ever since.

  • Voiced by Dave Madden, Bernard is one of the fan favorites.

  • Bernard has a distant cousin living in Odyssey: Eugene Meltsner

  • He likes beef jerky, doing "bachelor kinds of things," but he hates family reunions.

  • He is also fascinated with electric pencil sharpeners. Just don't put him in front of a computer and he'll be happy.

  • Bernard hosts a Christian TV show, "B-TV."

  • Fans are always listening for Bernard's next famous grumble or complaint during an episode.


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