Jack Allen


Jack and Whit grew up together and have been lifelong friends. But unlike Whit—who can be strong and forceful—Jack is more reflective and reticent to impose his points of view on those around him. He has been described as “painfully polite.” He is a mild, well-educated and well-mannered “gentle-man” in every sense of the word. Jack was recently married to Joanne Woodston, years after his first wife’s death, and the two manage an antique shop in Odyssey.



Jack Wilbur Allen is a caring and compassionate elderly man who has been through many exciting events in his life. With greying hair and plenty of wisdom to dish out, Jack Allen is understood by others to be a great advice-giver, friend, and neighbor. He is a very strong Christian with solid convictions, and he is very easy to talk to. His soft voice welcomes anyone to a conversation.


Interestingly enough, Jack knew John Avery Whittaker when he was growing up. The two of them were best friends as children and even had an opportunity to find valuable gold in an almost-deserted cave. Many exciting adventures awaited the two of them. From what we know, the two of them didn't go without their share of arguments. Apparently, there was a small tiff over Jack's beautiful red wagon as a child, however, due to his forgiving nature, he and Whit "made up." Not only that, he and John Avery had another tiff over Jenny Morrow, who later became Mr. Whittaker's wife. The two of them made up and went on being friends as always.


Having attended the University of California Los Angeles, Jack has been through college experiences, understands what it means to work hard, and even how to help others to work hard. After Whit left for the middle east, unknowingly, Jack came to Odyssey to visit his friend and eventually began filling in for Whit at the shop. Upon Whit's return to Odyssey, Jack "lost his nerve" due to another tiff over adoption issues with a sweet girl named Clara and scheduled a flight to leave. Fortunately, Whit stopped him before he could leave.


Jack Allen soon met a wonderful, kind woman named Joanne Woodston from the missions board and fell in love. Soon after, the two of them tied the knot and purchased an antiques shop from Margaret Faye, which, appropriately enough, is now called J&J Antiques. To this day, Jack and Joanne Allen run this quaint little shop.


Jack is loved by anyone he meets. He is an unceasing prayer warrior who was there to uplift the others in prayer while Dr. Blackgaard was taking over the town of Odyssey and during the mysterious events of Andromeda. Like Whit, Jack Allen is a soul whose personality inspires and encourages others.




  • Jack first appears in the episode ...But Not Forgotten.

  • Jack Allen is played by Alan Young, voice of various cartoon characters on Duck Tales, and many more credits.

  • Although Whit has returned to his post at Whit's End, Jack occasionally fills in for his best friend when he is away.

  • Jack passed on the long-envied "curly cue" trick for ice cream cones to Whit. This naturally made Connie upset when he arrived in Odyssey, for, it was the little things that made her think Jack was taking his place. Gladly, she accepted Jack and now has a close friend in Odyssey.

  • Mr. Allen helped to pick out Katrina's engagement ring, which turned out to be very valuable.

  • The artwork for Jack Allen looks ironically close to the actor who plays him.


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