We have our winners!
Click here to find out who won our "Where's Wooton?" contest!


Occasionally, the Odyssey Scoop hosts special contests to win Adventures in Odyssey products. The following contests have been held at the Scoop over the years. Stay tuned for future contests.

Open the Door to Odyssey Contest 2014
ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2014 2014
ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2013 2013
ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2012 2012
Blackgaard Chronicles Giveaway 2011
FreezeFrame Photo Contest 2011
ScoopYourself Contest 2011 2011
10th Anniversary Giveaway 2010
Adventures in Odyssey Math Challenge 2010
Adventures in Odyssey Scavenger Hunt 2010

Novacom Collection Giveaway

ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2010 2010
The Ultimate Odyssey IQ Challenge 2010
9th Anniversary Giveaway 2009
"Eugene Sings! Christmas" Giveaway 2009
"Eugene Sings!" Giveaway 2009
Mystery Music Contest 2009
The Ultimate Passages Fan Scavenger Hunt 2009
Christmas Giveaway 2003 2003
500th Episode Giveaway 2003
"Who Did That?" Contest 2002
Guess the Album Cover Contest 2001

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