Mystery Music Contest

September 7-9, 2009


Readers of our daily blog were given a surprise contest on September 7, 2009 for an opportunity to win a free copy of the Adventures in Odyssey sampler, Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion.

The Challenge

The contest was simple: Be one of the first three people to correctly answer the question (below) in an email, using our mystery music as a clue!


What is the name of the Adventures in Odyssey album and episode that this music comes from? It only appears in one episode.

The Winners

Cheryl F.
Stephen S.


The music clip featured is from the episode Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? from the album Out of Control.

The Results

We had a lot of interesting guesses, I must say. What follows is a list of what most people guessed:



The Treasure of LeMonde!


The Mystery at Tin Flat

The Case of the Disappearing Hortons

Sounds Like a Mystery

The Impossible

The Top Floor


We received a large host of responses (and I do mean large) in this contest. Several people guessed earlier episodes from AIO, while the majority were able to pinpoint to newer episodes. Tons of people guessed Exit, and although it was a good guess, it was far from correct. Also a fair amount of people guessed Sounds Like a Mystery, but that episode was not correct either. Several people hadn't read the directions thorough enough and only submitted the name of an episode or an album name, but I was looking for both names together. Many people did guess the correct answer, too (before I had a chance to update that all the winners had been selected), though their submissions were not one of the first three to be received.


Overall, I'd like to thank all our participants. We got such I huge response that I could barely keep up with all the entries! Again, congratulations to our three winners!

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