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Yes, that's right! The Odyssey Scoop's Contest is officially over and it's time to reveal our winners! The contest ran through March & April 2002 with a total of 23 contestants. When it was time to grade the contest, I realized that not only would we have three winners, but we'd have even more because of the ties. Instead of three winners holding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place we now have 5 winners sharing those places.

The object of the contest was to answer 25 trivia questions about "Who Did That?" on Adventures in Odyssey to the best of their ability. Below is a list of our first, second, and third place winners.




Tied for 1st Place:

Chloe Anna







2nd Place:

P Ranger




Tied for 3rd Place:




Mandy Straussberg



I would like to thank everyone for participating because the questions presented on the trivia contest were very tough! I congratulate all of our winners!

Below is a complete listing of all the contestants who didn't quite make it to the top. Names are organized from best score to worst score. Don't feel bad if you are low down on the chart because these questions were tricky! Thank you all for attempting the game.

Contestant Placement


Score Percentage
Ryan Schalm 19/25 76%
Jill 19/25 76%
11boy 18/25 72%
Missfriendship2 18/25 72%
Olive Hunnicutt 17/25 68%
Julie & Kaasi 17/25 68%
Trina 16/25 64%
Bennett Charles 15/25 60%
Heather 15/25 60%
Dan Peterson 15/25 60%
Robyn 15/25 60%
Corey Willis 11/25 44%
Christina 11/25 44%
Paul Brown 10/25 40%
Erin (cowgirl) 9/25 36%
Gideon Slife 8/25 32%
Karena 7/25 28%
Joey Carr 2/25 8%

Now that the scores have been released isn't it only fair that you read the answer sheet to the contest? Here they are:

Contest (highlight for answers)

1. Who took Bart Rathbone's king "six turns ago as he played checkers?"

Rodney Rathbone

2. Who called up on the phone (causing Eugene to answer) while Whit was recovering from a heart attack?

Emma Douglass

3. Who wrote Eugene an apology letter for destroying his computer program?

Nicholas Adamsworth

4. Who wanted to get his ears pierced?

Jimmy Barclay

5. Who fell out of the upstairs window at Whit's End?

Eugene Meltsner and Mustafa: I accepted Mustafa as an answer but technically Mustafa jumped through the window intentionally. Eugene tried to save Mr. Whittaker from falling to a horrible demise because of a curse and fell out the window.

Correction 9/25/03: Actually, Eugene fell off of the roof and landed on an awning while trying to save Mr. Whittaker's life. (Thanks to Phil Martin for the heads up)

6. Who jumped out of a moving vehicle?

Richard Maxwell

7. Who took a bath in tomato juice?

Chas Wentworth

8. Who wrote to Focus on the Family to tell them that driving while listening to Odyssey "can be dangerous" and that he almost drove his semi off the road? (Since this one is so hard I'll give you a hint: Chris mentions this at the end of an episode in the album, "It's Another Fine Day.")

Dave Pence: correct spelling unknown, Chris read a letter by Dave Pence that was sent to Focus on the Family at the end of an episode

9. Who said that he ate ice cream almost everyday where he used to live?

Wooton Basset

10. Who offered to hem Whit's pants for him?

Barry Muntz

11. Who made confetti out of Whit's book, The Allegory of Love?

Jerry Whittaker

12. Who taught a Bible study on the evils of men?

Connie Kendall

13. Who fell into a volcano?

Glenn Adams: many contestants submitted Christian from "Pilgrim's Progress Revisited" as their answer because he almost fell into a volcano, but the real answer is Glenn Adams. He was pushed into a volcano display at a museum. I did not accept "Christian" as an answer.

14. Who was hit by a car as he/she atempted to cross the street?

Courtney Vincent

15. Who went on two honeymoons?

Jack Allen, Joanne Woodston, Tom Riley, Armitage Shanks, Millie Shanks

16. Who "even spelled 'Roosevelt' correctly" on a quiz?

Charles Edward Thompson

17. Who kept a bug collection?

Alex Jefferson, Jessica Mulligan

18. Who pulled some strings to get Ernie Myers some job interviews?

Tom Riley

19. Who can't eat without watching TV? (This character admitted this)

Doris Rathbone

20. Who almost swallowed a cherry pit?

Eugene Meltsner

21. Who tried to save his mother's life at the Harlequin Dinner Theatre?

Lawrence Hodges

22. Who thought it was sickening to hear an alien giggle?

Mildred Fineswiper: No, the answer is not Mildred Minestriper, Maurine Elmwood, Mildred Swinefigel, or even Frightened Woman... it is Mildred Fineswiper. I had a lot of fun with this question.

23. Who did morse code with his/her eyes?

Tasha Forbes

24. Who listened to rock music as he washed his hands?

Danny Schmidt

25. Who helped Tom Riley put on makeup, but was unsuccessful?

Connie Kendall

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