April & May 2003

What Happened?

The months of April and May 2003 were a hectic time at the Odyssey Scoop. Contest entries poured in by the handful each week as AIO fans everywhere signed up to win a free copy of the "500th Episode" CD in the Scoop's latest contest. As the first giveaway at the website, the webmaster himself wasn't expecting such a large response of signups, yet when a total of 75 names were entered in for the drawing, he realized just how many people wanted free prizes. Eventually the Official Ceremony was scheduled and held to award the lucky winners.


The Official Ceremony

Choosing the Winners


The first thing one must do in an online contest is to figure out a way to make everything as fair as possible. Time and effort goes into creating the most accurate system of holding a drawing, so the Scoop decided to host "The Official Ceremony" on August 18, 2003. 75 names were written down on 75 cards of the same size, and shuffled up in a large shuffling mechanism, otherwise known as a Bingo barrel. The day of the drawing was at hand and the Scoop met in front of a large judicial building with a live audience. The audience became silent as Jacob Isom (sponsor and coordinator of the contest) and Caleb Soudry (master of ceremonies) began to pull out the names of the three lucky winners. A round of applause swept the crowd as the third and final name was read aloud, revealing the long-awaited secret of who won the free "500th Episode" CD.


Pictured above is Jacob Isom (left) and Caleb Soudry (right). Each member of the Contest Coordination is seen with a nice smile. In the lower left corner is the first official plaque to celebrate such an extraordinary and memorable event.


Note: The "large judicial building" mentioned above can also be translated as "kitchen eating area" and "a live audience" can also be translated as "a few people."

Note 2: Ever heard of cut-n-paste?

Note 3: The faces in the picture above do not necessarily reflect the real faces of Jacob Isom and Caleb Soudry. It must have been bad lighting. Yeah, that's it.



The Winners

Who Are They?


The Odyssey Scoop is very proud to award the following three winners of the first official giveaway at the website:


  • David Emprimo - Age 29, Texas

  • Kelsey Rexroad - Age 8, South Carolina

  • Lena Delucia - Age 13, Pennsylvania


Each of our winners receive a free copy of the "500th Episode Enhanced" CD along with a nice certificate. On behalf of the Odyssey Scoop, thank you all for entering, and we hope to see you again soon in future contests and giveaways!

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