Behind one of these colored doors is the town of Odyssey.

Pick a color and venture through. Once you step through one of the colored doors, you can't go back. But if you step through the right door and into town, a reward awaits you.

Our first ten people to choose the correct door will receive an Adventures in Odyssey prize!


On June 7, 2014, we launched our Open the Door to Odyssey contest to award ten winners an Adventures in Odyssey album of choice. We received a total of 90 entries in two days. As soon as our ten winner slots were filled, the contest ended.

Oddly enough, a good majority of our participants chose the green door, with orange tagging close behind. And since this was a time-sensitive contest, we spilled over into two days of submissions. But, in fact, Odyssey lies behind the blue door.

Winners (listed in winning order):

  1. Peter E., age 11 (Greensboro, North Carolina)
    Prize: Vol. 57: A Call to Something More

  2. Karina, age 8 (Attalla, Alabama)
    Prize: Passages: Darien's Rise

  3. Crystal B., age 23 (Bowling Green, Ohio)
    Prize: Vol. 55: The Deep End

  4. Brittany E., age 22 (Du Quoin, Illinois)
    Prize: Vol. 28: Welcome Home

  5. Kyaunnee R., age 24 (Miami Gardens, Florida)
    Prize: Vol. 29: Signed, Sealed & Committed

  6. Tyler N., age 16 (Coatesville, Pennsylvania)
    Prize: Vol. 23: Twists & Turns

  7. Chris S., age 14 (Coatesville, Pennsylvania)
    Prize: Vol. 6: Mission: Accomplished


  8. Rose B., age 22 (Lynchburg, Virginia) #46
    Prize: Vol. 45: Lost & Found


  9. Brittany M., age 22 (Ewa Beach, Hawaii)
    Prize: Vol. 39: Friends, Family & Countrymen


  10. Hannah S., age 20 (Ridgefield, Washington)
    Prize: Vol. 14: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. If you are one of our ten winners, congratulations! Watch your e-mail in the coming days as we are excited to connect with you to get your prizes in the mail.


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