Adventures in Odyssey Scavenger Hunt
August 21-23, 2010

On August 21, 2010, we hosted a special Adventures in Odyssey Scavenger Hunt, in which fans could compete in a 10-question trivia challenge to win the Novacom collection. 28 people stepped up to the challenge, which we thought was a good turnout considering the difficulty of questions in the contest. We required a perfect score of 10 out of 10 correct answers since there were so few questions. The first three entries we received with perfect scores earned the prize. And now... it's time to reveal our winners!


A big congratulations goes out to our winners:

  • 1st Place Jordan B. (Mokena, Illinois)

  • 2nd Place Julia J. (Sanger, California)

  • 3rd Place Joshua S. (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

Jordan, Julia, and Joshua will receive a free copy of Novacom from The Odyssey Scoop in the coming days! Winners, be watching your email inbox as we will be contacting you really soon to get your prize out to you. Once again, a big thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing this valuable prize.


If you participated in the contest and would like to view the answer key (we know some of you searched for a long time to find the answers!), you can do that below. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate and congratulations to our winners! Stay tuned for more contests in the future. You never know what you can expect from The Odyssey Scoop.


For more information on the Novacom audio release, visit our product page. There you can access more information, video trailers, and exclusive audio clips not available in the collection. Likewise, you can order your copy of this fun collection, which is great for car trips!



Scavenger Hunt Answer Key


1. What is the first word that actress Aria Curzon says on "Adventures in Odyssey"?
Hint: Aria's primary role on Odyssey is Mandy Straussberg.



Aria Curzon debuted as Whit's potential foster child in "Clara."

"Hey, that's Mr. Chuckleford's place!"


2. When Eugene Meltsner asks Hank Murray if he is a psychologist, how does Hank respond? (word-for-word sentence answer)

"Uh, I read some psychology."        ("Hold-Up")


3. What does Ned Lewis tell "Mugsy" to stop doing?

Wiping paste on Mary        ("VBS Blues")

4. Who is responsible for approving a Novacom purchase order that had arrived at the Electric Palace? (Rodney Rathbone shows it to Colby Cabrera and Alex Jefferson.)

Stephen Cabrera        ("The Benefit of the Doubt")

5. Bernard Walton recommends that Eugene Meltsner buy rye bread at a bakery on which street in Odyssey? (The two of them are playing chess as Bernard makes his recommendation.)

Third Street        ("Poor Loser")

6. What electronic gadge reminds Eugene of his next Hand-Up appointment in "The Business of Busyness"?

His PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

7. According to his temperature gage on an ice fishing trip, what does Eugene say is the current temperature?

-12 degrees Celsius, or 20 degrees Fahrenheit


We also accepted 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit as an answer since Eugene is wrong in the episode.
-12 degrees Celsius is equivalent to 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Looks like another goof in Odyssey history!

8. In "Unto Us a Child Is Born," for whom does Donna Barclay run next door to pick up a Christmas gift?



Donna also runs out to purchase a new collar for her dog, Normal, though that isn't the answer we were looking for since the collar isn't specifically a gift.

9. In which episode does Connie Kendall wear a fake moustache?

"Father's Day"

10. Where was the deed to McAllister Park for years before Whit (through the Universal Press Foundation) finally purchased the land?

In the McAllister family Bible; in a time capsule buried in the basement of Whit's End; before that, it was in the municipal park

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