We Have Our Winners!
From February 20 to March 3, 2010, Odyssey fans were given a chance to participate in the first-ever ScoopYourself contest to win a free copy of Take It from the Top. We accepted entries for over a week, and few participated in the contest. However, the last day--and even during the final moments of the contest--increased the level of participation we had previously received. We doubled in our number of contestants on the last day of the contest! All 30 entries were judged on March 4th with the winners announced on Friday, March 5th - the day before the brand-new season of Adventures in Odyssey!

What is ScoopYourself?
In each ScoopYourself challenge, visitors have the opportunity to incorporate themselves into a unique contest entry and be the most creative to win exciting prizes!

The Challenge
We wanted to see fans' Adventures in Odyssey collections. We wanted to find out who would come up with the most creative display of their Odyssey albums, books, videos, DVDs, action figures, T-shirts, and more!

Judging Entries
For this particular challenge, the quantity of items in fans' collections had no effect on the chances of winning. We were interested in the quality of entries submitted, regardless of how many Odyssey items contestants had. We were looking for the use of props, camera angles, and lighting to create the most creative display. We weren't looking for just simple displays of Odyssey items on a background. We were looking for entries that stood out as a cut above the rest, entries that went that extra mile. The ultimate ScoopYourself contestants.

Of course, a contest like this is very subjective, and our opinion may differ from yours. But that's okay. We enjoyed looking at every photo we received and are confident that you will too.

It was extremely difficult to judge the entries, mainly because it was so much fun seeing the creativity expressed. Because of this, we decided to introduce a second prize. The grand prize winner received a copy of Take It from the Top. The runner-up received a free copy of The Best Small Town.

This contest was just too fun to hand out only one prize. If we could, we'd give you all a prize for the effort you put into this contest. Thanks to everyone who entered! And now, our winners!

Each winning entry is featured below. Click on each photo to read our review and commentary.

Luke B., Age 14 (Coatesville, Pennsylvania) ─ And our grand prize winner is... Luke B! I was particularly impressed by the immense creativity expressed in his photo. From the Whit's End soda shop-style tile flooring, to the perfect arrangement of "Adventures in Odyssey" albums, to even the extra decor on the background, Luke's piece was our ultimate favorite. It feels as if it belongs in Whit's End itself. Also, Luke displayed his own Odyssey artwork, which is very good. I may be mistaken, but the illustration of Connie at the soda fountain looks strangely familiar. It didn't happen to appear in an edition of "Clubhouse" magazine in days past, did it? Also your copy of the "Official Guide" looks like it was well-loved. Great work, Luke, and we hope you enjoy your free copy of "Take It from the Top"!

Luke B., Age 14 (Coatesville, Pennsylvania)
Joshua S., Age 14 (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) ─ Joshua's very creative and clean approach caught our eye right off the bat. Who would have ever thought an Odyssey fan would make his own shelving unit for Odyssey albums out of K'NEX? It's genius! And the "Odyssey Scoop" headline at the top is superb! If AIO teamed up with K'NEX to advertise K'NEX and "Adventures in Odyssey" albums in a Toys R Us store, this would be the display to use. There's no doubt in my mind that it took a fair amount of time to put together this display piece by piece. Excellent work, Joshua! And enjoy your free copy of "The Best Small Town"!

Joshua S., Age 14 (Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Luke B! He received a free copy of Take It from the Top! Also congratulations to Joshua S! He received his free copy of The Best Small Town.

Contestants' Entries
Each contestant's photo is featured below. Click on each photo to read our review and commentary.

Angela G.
Angela G., Age 26 (Deridder, Louisiana) ─ You will notice that she strategically placed the special "500th Enhanced CD" in the middle. It was released around the time that 500th episode aired. She also owns the four 2-cassette collections that were available during the early 1990's (pictured at the top right). It's certainly fun to look at. Angela didn't submit her entire collection with this photo, as she remembered later. But it's certainly amusing to see!

Angela G., Age 26 (Deridder, Louisiana)

Audrey S.
Audrey S., Age 12 (Clinton, Iowa) ─ The "GO AIO" flag is made of a post it note, orange crayola marker and a paint brush. I particularly like the human aspect of this photo with the hand popping into the scene to promote AIO.

Audrey S., Age 12 (Clinton, Iowa)
Austin Peachey
Austin P., Age 15 (Gallup, New Mexico) ─ I love the unique appoach Austin took by layering his Odyssey collection to create an O, representing the O in Odyssey. Also, every fan's adventure in Odyssey leads to the Official Guide eventually, so it seems fitting that everything revolves around it in this photo.

Austin P., Age 15 (Gallup, New Mexico)
Bethany N.
Bethany N., Age 12 (Westminster, Maryland) ─ Bethany has a lot to display with her Odyssey collection. She has integrated the old with the new and created some tasty viewing. You'll even notice that Bethany's 20th anniversary poster is prominently displayed, along with some "Gold Audio Series" inserts, the original "Complete Guide," puzzles, and even stickers from the 90's!

Bethany N., Age 12 (Westminster, Maryland)

Caitlin V.
Caitlin V., Age 19 (Stanwood, Washington) ─ Caitlin's piece is truly a work of art, encompassing our whole compact disc experience with AIO. I love the color-grouped CDs spread out to spell out everyone's favorite town: Odyssey. The albums themselves make a great bold underline to top it off! Good job, Caitlin!

Caitlin V., Age 19 (Stanwood, Washington)
Caleb W.
Caleb W., Age 12 (Patrick, South Carolina) ─ Caleb titled his piece, "Caleb's Odyssey Treasure," and truly it is. His nice arrangement of books, tapes, CDs, and even an autographed photo from AIO's 20th Birthday Bash make for a perfect fan's treasure. I can't imagine putting it all away after the photo's been taken. It's just too beautiful. And the light shining from inside the treasure box is a nice touch.

Caleb W., Age 12 (Patrick, South Carolina)
Carissa R.
Carissa R., Age 15 (Pleasanton, Texas) ─ Some of the newer Odyssey collections take the cake in Carissa's piece. You'll notice that "A Date with Dad," "Lost & Found," and "Eugene Returns" grab your attention, creating a very attractive work of art!

Carissa R., Age 15 (Pleasanton, Texas)

Christian A.
Christian A., Age 14 (Martin, Tennessee) ─ Christian's photo makes me want to slow down and take it all in... not to miss anything. I especially like the pyramid of AIO albums in the background, with the wheel of books in the foreground. Is that a script for "The Great Wishy Woz"? Very cool.

Christian A., Age 14 (Martin, Tennessee)
Daniel R.
Daniel R., Age 10 (Green Bay, Wisconsin) ─ Daniel's arrangement is designed to look like Whit's End, complete with the Victorian tower on the side. Very creative stuff. If I had entered this contest, I never would have thought to recreate Whit's End out of Odyssey stuff. In fact, if there was a Whit's End, and it was made out of Odyssey albums, I'd be the first to drop in! I like the display of cassettes and samplers to distinguish the Victorian tower.

Daniel R., Age 10 (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
Danita B., Age 16 (Denver, Pennsylvania) ─ With a very fresh and organized feel, Danita's AIO collection places a nice emphasis on the two AIO guides that have been released up to this point. It's also nice to see that she still owns the first 2-cassette collection made available during the early 90's. Danita, don't get rid of that rare find... or the rest of your collection! Great job!

Danita B., Age 16 (Denver, Pennsylvania)

Dan W., Age 14 (Houghton, Michigan) ─ Although his collection is small, Dan created a professional photo to focus your eye on "The Sky's the Limit," which seems to be an overriding theme with the lifespan of "Adventures in Odyssey." The almost sepia ton and blur filter makes for an interesting shot.

Dan W., Age 14 (Houghton, Michigan)
Elizabeth F., Age 13 (Ewing, New Jersey ) ─ The best calendar Elizabeth will probably ever own is on display, along with her albums of course. The way she organized her albums nicely leads your eye around the photo and makes you want to check everything out. Nice job, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth F., Age 13 (Ewing, New Jersey )
Ellis J., Age 14 (Langley, British Columbia ) ─ I love how Ellis incorporated an Odyssey desktop wallpaper into his collection and the letters A-I-O formed with Odyssey CDs and tapes. Are those Odyssey I scripts I see? Very nice.

Ellis J., Age 14 (Langley, British Columbia )

Jazzmen, Age 14 (Ingleside, Texas) ─ Although her collection is small, Jazzmen has a nice selection of AIO stuff. It's interesting to point out that Jazzmen is the first entry we received in which a contestant posed with her collection. Thanks, Jazzmen!

Jazzmen, Age 14 (Ingleside, Texas)
Jesse S., Age 15 (Ault, Colorado) ─ Jesse's entry is certainly a lot of fun. He created somewhat of a Jenga-style arrangement and give himself a window to peer through and smile at the camera. I like how the cassette albums are stacked with "The Best Small Town" as the top dawg of the collection. After all, Odyssey is the best small town. Good work!

Jesse S., Age 15 (Ault, Colorado)

Jessica P., Age 12 (Lancing, Tennessee) ─ Jessica's Odyssey collection features fresh lighting and an emphasis on the original editions of the "Passages" books, released in 1999 and a little later. Overall, her collection showcases a beautiful array of colors and eras of Odyssey. Great job, Jessica, and tell your brother I said hello! (Ironically, I met her brother Josh in college and even worked on a class website project together. It truly is a small world.)

Jessica P., Age 12 (Lancing, Tennessee)

Joe T., Age 11 (Elgin, Illinois) ─ Not many people have the "Mysteries in Odyssey" book series released several years ago. You'll notice that Joe incorporated both books into the D and E of his creative spelling of "ODYSSEY." Not only that, the cassette albums surrounding the text make a wonderful frame for the piece.

Joe T., Age 11 (Elgin, Illinois)
Jordan G., Age 18 (Braselton, Georgia) ─ Jordan's collection is unique in that his is a digital collection. Most fans these days are converting their cassette tapes to digital format, which Jordan did. This is his "digital" image of his Odyssey goodies. Good job, Jordan!

Jordan G., Age 18 (Braselton, Georgia)
Joseph B., Age 17 (Cuba, Illinois) ─ I'm not sure if Joseph meant to do this while creating his display, but the foundation built out of Odyssey cassette clamshells pretty much says it all. Where would "Adventures in Odyssey" be today without the beginning era of reel-to-reel and cassettes, which are so often devoured by the tape player? Joseph's photo captures all eras of Odyssey's existence and even introduces some paper action figures of the new characters into the works! Very creative!

Joseph B., Age 17 (Cuba, Illinois)

Josh A., Age 12 (Schroon Lake, New York) ─ Josh's choice in the shiny surface seems to make his Odyssey collection pop even more. Coupled with a simple layout, Josh's collection is a good start to a journey through Odyssey. I'm impressed that he still has his "At Whit's End" board game. Don't lose it! And great job!

Josh A., Age 12 (Schroon Lake, New York)
Joshua K., Age 13 (El Cerrito, California) ─ Unfortunately, you can't read any of the signs Joshua made. The calendar says "God bless Odyssey!" -John Whittaker, The Forgotten Deed, Album 50: The Best Small Town" and "This picture is dedicated to Hal Smith and Paul Herlinger." The signs on Joshua say "AIO is back on the air" and "Hmm...Album 51's missing...we better take it from the top." Looks like Joshua's got a lot going for his collection already... and is that "Chronicles, Kings & Crosses" I see on the left? I love the creativity overall and the Odyssey calendar... which I never had the privilege of owning.

Joshua K., Age 13 (El Cerrito, California)

Katie B., Age 13 (Fredricksburg, Virginia) ─ I love the professionalism to Katie's display. Her collection represents her appreciation of the show. She's got a Whit's End hat and menu from the Whit's End in Colorado, an autographed photo of the actors she received at the 20th Birthday Bash in 2008, and other Odyssey goodies. It feels as if the collection belongs on her fireplace forever and always. The special novelty items make her display great!

Katie B., Age 13 (Fredricksburg, Virginia)

Kelsey V., Age 16 (Stanwood, Washington) ─ Kelsey's collection is very colorful, with the photo taken at an interesting angle. Her nice assortment of Odyssey items makes her collection unique. The rows of colored paper underneath give it a fresh look. Good work, Kelsey!

Kelsey V., Age 16 (Stanwood, Washington)
Lindsey S., Age 17 (Tyler, Texas) ─ Lindsey's Odyssey collection features mostly newer AIO stuff with a sprinkling of a few Odyssey sampler from the 90's. She also showcases her "Eugene Sings!" CD, which is perhaps one of the best musical albums from AIO. Great job, Lindsey!

Lindsey S., Age 17 (Tyler, Texas)
Linnea F., Age 12 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) ─ Linnea's approach to this contest was very unique. She took notes from Wooton Bassett, who "hung the records from the ceiling" in his house. It certainly looks like it took a long time to hang all those Odyssey CDs from the ceiling! If I was entering this contest, I definitely wouldn't have the patience for it, but you did it! I think I see a Novacom Saga CD at the very top... Linnea, good work!

Linnea F., Age 12 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Luke G., Age 11 (Port Matilda, Pennsylvania) ─ Luke gave his display a very layered feel, with fresh white backdrop. I like the use of "The Best Small Town" poster from album 50 to add interest, as well as the game pieces from the "Answer That!" DVD game. Not only that, the special bonus insert from "Discovering Odyssey" makes a great peak to a very appealing mountain of Odyssey goodies. Might I add that the autographed photo of the Odyssey actors is a nice touch. Luke, great work!

Luke G., Age 11 (Port Matilda, Pennsylvania)
Macy B., Age 14 (Luther, Oklahoma) ─ Macy's Odyssey collection includes a nice assortment of CDs, books, and the "Answer That" DVD game. I certainly like Macy's showcasing of the Chick-fil-A kids meal CDs as well. Good work, Macy!

Macy B., Age 14 (Luther, Oklahoma)
Samuel T., Age 11 (Hamilton, Bermuda) ─ Samuel's collection takes us where no other contestant's display did. Samuel divided up his albums between the old and the new and created a thought-provoking piece. Great job, Samuel!

Samuel T., Age 11 (Hamilton, Bermuda)

Thanks to all our contestants who made the first ScoopYourself contest a smashing success!

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