November & December 2003

Slowing Down the Chaos of Christmas

To begin a hopefully-new holiday trend at the Odyssey Scoop, the Scoop Winnings Department, otherwise known as Jacob Isom (sometimes Caleb Soudry), decided to give some specific episodes away. Each winner would receive two special holiday episodes of Adventures in Odyssey, Peace On Earth and Mystery at Tin Flat (pictured at right).

As a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, AIO fans began entering the drawing to be held on December 14, 2003. From November 25 through December 10, fans had the opportunity to get their name in the hat (sorry, no Scoop hats available for retail - yet).


The Official Ceremony

Choosing the Winners


Of the 36 visitors who entered the contest, three would be picked from the proverbial hat (again, sorry - no Scoop hats available for retail). Each participant had 1/12 chances of winning, or if you prefer percentages, 8.3%. On December 14, 2003, the Official Ceremony took place and the three winners were finally revealed. Well, to the webmaster at least. From there it was time to contact each winner via e-mail to obtain specific information about them (IE: addresses) so as to be able to send them their free gifts.



The Winners

Who Are They?


The Odyssey Scoop is very proud to award the following three winners of the Christmas Giveaway at the website:


  • Rachel Toth - age 24, California

  • Kathy Shubin - age 20, Oregon

  • Allison Lucas - age 13, Oregon 


Each of our winners receive free copies of Peace On Earth and Mystery at Tin Flat along with a nice certificate. On behalf of the Odyssey Scoop, thank you all for entering, and we hope to see you again soon in future contests and giveaways!


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