The Adventures in Odyssey Math Challenge

On Saturday, November 6, 2010 (10:00 AM EST), we launched a special challenge in which our visitors could calculate their way to winning a copy of the latest Odyssey collection, Cause and Effect. We posed a 25-step math problem in which you could use your Adventures in Odyssey knowledge to compete... and complete... and be one of the first. Within hours, we had reached the correct answer from four people, who we're about to announce. And now, a big congratulations goes out to the following winners (in order of submissions received):

  • Rebeckah F. (Dale City, Virginia)

  • Abby H. (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

  • Daniel B. (Ham Lake, Minnesota)

  • Benjamin K. (Pittsburg, California)

Winners, be watching your email inbox! We'll be contacting you in the next couple of days to get your prize out to you. Also, a big thanks to everyone who gave our contest their best shot. We received submissions from over 40 contestants within one day. We left our contest open for an additional day so others wouldn't feel left out and could get in on the challenge. All in all, it was a lot of fun.


Don't tell anyone, but our 10th Anniversary is quickly approaching on December 22, 2010. And... we might be cooking up a special giveaway for it. Keep checking back!

Adventures in Odyssey Math Challenge Answer Key

  1. Let's start with a number, say, the number of the last episode in album 52. If you're unsure, you can check out our 2010 page. (678)

  2. Divide that number by 2. Hold on to that number. (678/2 = 339)

  3. Locate the number of the episode in which someone claims that they used to live in the building that became Whit's End. It's a two-parter mystery, so add the numbers of both episodes together. (244+245=489) Then add this new number to the number you determined in Step 2. (339+489=828)

  4. Have this many Adventures in Odyssey episodes been produced yet? If yes, subtract 80. If no, add 80. Remember your new total for later. (No; 828+80=908)

  5. Locate the number of the third Christmas episode ever produced (Peace on Earth #54) and add it to the number of the episode titled Caroling, Caroling. (215); (54+215=269) Then, subtract this number from the number you determined at the end of Step 4. (908-269=639)

  6. Subtract 39. (639-39=600) Now, the full episode title corresponding to this new number contains how many letters? (8) Let's move on with this drastically smaller number in future steps. Got the right number? Good.

  7. Add Tasha Forbes' agent number. (8+2362=2370)

  8. Subtract Jason Whittaker's agent number. (2370-1131=1239)

  9. Divide this number by Connie's age when she first came to Odyssey. (HINT: She wasn't 16.) (1239/15=82.6) Round your new number to the nearest digit. (83)

  10. Now, add your number to itself once. (83+83=166)

  11. Add 512, then divide by 6. (166+512=678; 678/6=113)

  12. This number corresponds to an AIO mystery episode. (Suspicious Minds) Add the total number of times the letter 'S' appears in the title of the episode (4) to the episode number itself. (113+4=117) Remember this number for later.

  13. A certain number of BTV episodes have been produced. (11) Multiply this number by the number of Valentine's Day episodes produced (4). (11 x 4=44)

  14. Determine the corresponding number to the episode It Sure Seemed Like It to Me (44) and add it to your total. (44+44=88)

  15. Subtract 4, add 20, then multiply by 2000.  (88-4=84); (84+20=104); (104 x 2000=208,000) Add this to the number we told you to remember in Step 12. (117+208,000=208,117)

  16. Subtract 207,000. (208,117-207,000=1,117) Next, divide by 40. (1,117/40=27.925) Round to the nearest digit. (28)

  17. Add the number that corresponds to the episode in which Connie met Robert Mitchell (Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips #463) to your total. (28+463=491)

  18. Add 9 in honor of a significant Adventures in Odyssey episode. (491+9=500) Your new total will correspond to that memorable episode.

  19. Add this number to the year this episode was made. (500+2002=2,502) Divide by 4 (2,502/4=625.5) and round to the nearest digit. (626)

  20. Interestingly, this number also corresponds to an Odyssey episode. (Life, in the Third Person) Does the title of the episode have a spelled-out form of a number in it? (Yes) If yes, add 4. If no, subtract 4. (626+4=630)

  21. Divide by 10. (630/10=63) By now, you're probably getting tired of doing this. But don't give up! We're almost there!

  22. Add this new number to itself. (63+63=126) Subtract 6. (126-6=120)

  23. What number do you get when you remove the zero from this number? (12) Add it to the bolded, orange number on at the bottom of this page. (601); (601+12=613)

  24. Add 3 (613+3=616) and divide by the number of Kidsboro books we have listed on our site. (616/4=154)

  25. We made it! But first, add the number corresponding to this step 25) to your total. (154+25=179) You now have the final number. Enter it in the form below.

Math Challenge Answer: 179

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