Guess the Album Cover Contest

July-August 2001

Yes, that's right! The contest for July 2001 is finally over, and there are a lot of winners! I emailed all the winners and asked them to send a little info about themselves, their hobbies, interests, etc. Also I asked them to send me a picture of themselves, if they didn't mind me posting it. So, here are the results for a month contest. The five pictures below are camouflaged. Can you guess what picture it is? Highlight below for the answer.

Are you excited for the answer? Here it is: The Early Classics! I thought I'd start with something obvious for the first contest. And here are the winners!


  • Hannah Brownfield, Montana

"Some of my hobbies are: spending time with my family, playing the banjo, working out at Tae Kwon Do (I'm almost a black belt), Listening to Odyssey, emailing, and learning more about my Savior. I have been a fan of AIO for about 6 years. My family is in full-time ministry (my dad is an evangelist.) I love to work with kids!" | Read her interview here.

  • Ben

"I'm 13 years old. I live in Quebec, Canada. I absolutely love AIO (I have all the tapes at home). I like to play sports, games and make websites."

  • Jonathan

  • Jean Tan, 19, Ohio

  • Dawey | Arthur Dent, 12, Illinois

  • Phillip Glossman, 13, Michigan

  • Joshua Shelly, Detroit

    "Hi!  My name is Joshua.  I currently live in a suburb for Detroit.  I enjoy music, and play both piano and trombone, both for 3-3.5 years.  I have been listening to AIO for more than seven years.  As Bug's Bunny once said: "That's All Folks!" | Read his interview here.

  • Angela Hoover, 15, Illinois

  • Howydpardner, 17, State: Depends on when you ask | Read her interview here.

  • Emmy, 11, Illinois


Thanks to all who entered the contest! Be watching for the next one! I enjoyed reading some of your comments about everything! Congratulations!

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