9th Anniversary Giveaway

December 10-19, 2009



In celebration of nine years at The Odyssey Scoop, we decided to give away a copy of The Official Guide. The following is what we posted on the day we announced our winners:


Nine years ago today, one of Adventures in Odyssey's biggest fans decided to start a fan site. This fan site would include tons of information on AIO, from fun facts, to episode information, to contests. Thus, the Odyssey Scoop was born. And here I am today to thank you all for your patronage and continued support over these wonderful years. Your emails of encouragement and contributions have been a blessing these nine years. Without your submissions, suggestions, and compliments, this never would have been possible. Thank you, all and thanks to Focus on the Family for creating a program such as Odyssey. Otherwise, we wouldn't be having this special anniversary. Happy birthday to the Odyssey Scoop!


Today, as a celebration, we're excited to officially announce the winners of our 9th Anniversary Giveaway! From December 10 to 19, we opened a window of opportunity to all our visitors to enter our monthly drawing. A total of 70 people entered within a ten days' time, and we're excited to reveal our lucky winners.


A big congratulations goes out to our winners, Rachel and Lance W. (Melbourne, FL)! Rachel and Lance will receive a free copy of Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide from the Odyssey Scoop!


It's a book that no Odyssey fan can do without. And no Odyssey Scoop visitor can go without it, either. Why? Well, if you don't already own it or didn't win our drawing, order your copy today and then skip to page 200 to see a page dedicated to one of our most popular site features. Who would have thought nine years ago that an Odyssey fan site would get mentioned in print?!


Again, I'd like to thank Focus and the Odyssey team for making room to showcase the Scoop in the book. But that's not the main reason why you should have a copy of this book in your hands. The 500+ pages of behind-the-scenes stories, memories, photos, and artwork are the real meat on the plate!


Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing. Keep your eyes open because we have monthly giveaways and contests here at the Odyssey Scoop!



About The Official Guide:
For more than 20 years, Adventures in Odyssey has delighted kids (and kids at heart!) with exciting stories and character-building truths. Now you can be part of the real adventure with this behind-the-scenes guide to the people, places, and faces of the world’s #1 family audio drama!

Get backstage details on the making of your favorite episodes, books, and animated films; hundreds of photos—including an 8-page color photo gallery; new trivia for 642 episodes; and step-by-step instructions on how to draw the characters. It’s an exclusive guide that no fan can do without!
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