Adventures in Odyssey:
The Official Guide


For more than 20 years, Adventures in Odyssey has delighted kids (and kids at heart!) with exciting stories and character-building truths. Now you can be part of the real adventure with this behind-the-scenes guide to the people, places, and faces of the world’s #1 family audio drama!

Get backstage details on the making of your favorite episodes, books, and animated films; hundreds of photos—including an 8-page color photo gallery; new trivia for 642 episodes; and step-by-step instructions on how to draw the characters. It’s an exclusive guide that no fan can do without!


Special Features
  • See the real-life faces of your favorite characters in exclusive 8-page color photo album

  • Discover all-new trivia about the show, from episode #1 up to #642

  • Learn how to draw over a dozen characters from Odyssey

  • Enjoy dazzling art and fun pictures in all 50+ chapters

  • Find the right story with new indexes (by lesson, by Bible verse & more)

  • Get making-of details on Adventures in Odyssey novels, animated films, musical albums and other spin-offs from your favorite small town

Book Details
  • Paperback (584 pp) with 8 color pages of photos

  • Targeted to families with children ages 9-14. Specifically, families with past Adventures in Odyssey experience who would like to know more. Also: Adventures in Odyssey collectors, often ages 14 and up—fans who grew up with the show.

  • This book is the second Odyssey Guide to be published by Focus on the Family and contains far more behind-the-scenes information than its predecessor.

About the Team

Over the past 20 years, the Adventures in Odyssey Team has been home to over two dozen writers, producers and sound designers. They hail from all corners of the U.S. (and Canada) and their résumés are as diverse as their origins: some come from a radio background, some from stage or screen, others from music studios and television, and a few straight out of college. Although they don’t have a common background, one thing the team has always shared is a passion for entertaining stories that reveal timeless truths.

Nathan Hoobler, a staff writer since 2002, compiled and wrote The Official Guide, conducting over 100 interviews with past team members, the show's award-winning actors, and many other Adventures in Odyssey contributors.


Our Review

For someone who likes to read only when necessary, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time within the binding of Adventures in Odyssey: The Complete Guide. After my experience with the original Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey in the past, I was less than pleased with the format of the first book. The old guide included massive episode summaries rather than behind-the-scenes material. This new guide features a more hands-on approach to the aches and pains the AIO team must go through to produce the audio series, videos, and books. Trivia is endless, and we get to learn more about our favorite Odyssey writers, actors, and producers.


The Official Guide covers such a vast amount of information. Reading from cover to cover is a real treat for any AIO fan, especially those who have been so loyal to the series. For those who like to see pictures, a color insert is available at the back with actors, producers, and more. The layout of the book itself is well-designed, beautiful from inside-out, and worth every penny.


I was very pleased to learn that my name appears on the Acknowledgements page, and a link to this site was published on page 200 - a full page! - with an excerpt from our Where Odyssey Is Not section. What an honor! Thanks, Adventures in Odyssey! Other interesting sidebars appear throughout the book, ranging from timelines, to lists of special episodes (ie: Blackgaard Saga, Novacom Saga, episodes taking place outside of Odyssey, etc.). With sidebars galore, trivia tidbits, and photos of actors, writers, and producers scattered throughout the book, any fan will be pleased and excited to own this book.


The only downside to The Official Guide is that after reading through every album, book, video, and other products, I felt as if a closing chapter was needed to wrap up everything that was read. The book ends suddenly after reading notes about the Eugene Sings! albums. A closing chapter would have helped fans to be even more thankful for what they read and to look forward to the future that much more.


All in all, The Official Guide is very complete and a beautiful work of art. It's interesting to note that I was so hooked that I finished all 580+ days in a little over a day. Every fan should own a copy of this gem!



-No longer available from Focus on the Family. An expanded and updated version is available.

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