Where Odyssey Is Not Feature Updated

By | January 19, 2016

Where Odyssey Is Not

Just when you thought there could be no more clues, there are more. One of our most popular site features is Where Odyssey Is Not, a useful tool in discovering where the town of Odyssey is, based on where it is not. It even inspired a special “Road Trip to Find Odyssey” podcast series by our friends at the Ceiling Fan Podcast a couple seasons ago.

Today we’ve launched a re-formatted and fine-tuned update to Where Odyssey Is Not. In this update, we’ve featured an updated look, quite a few more clues, and an additional 25 audio clips for recent albums which shed light on where Odyssey is not. We received overwhelming feedback since our last update to the feature and have added many of the fans’ insights throughout the section.

So, have you figured out where Odyssey is not yet? Explore Where Odyssey Is NotOur  for yourself!

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