ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2012 Winners Showcase

By | June 11, 2012

From April 11 to May 18, 2011, Odyssey fans were given a chance to participate in the third annual ScoopYourself contest to win a free copy of Album 55: The Deep End, among other prizes. Much like the popularity of our first ScoopYourself in early 2010 and 2011, our 2012 edition proved to be even more popular than the one before with a total of 89 photo entries submitted. All 89 entries were narrowed down by three judges, with overlapping favorites chosen as winners and honorable mentions.

And today, we’re excited to announce the winners of this popular annual contest. Click here for the winner announcement and see for yourself the ScoopYourself Photo Showcase. We’re as excited to release them as you are to see them!

And congratulations to our three winners! Be watching your e-mail in the coming days if you’re one of our three winners. We’re excited to get your prizes out to you!

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