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A Case for Modern AIO
An Odyssey fan makes a case against common misconceptions.

By Austin Peachey | July 30, 2016

Live at the 25
One AIO fan shares his adventure at Adventures in Odyssey's 25th Birthday Bash in June 2012.

By Garrett Vandenberg | June 20, 2012

The Three Stages of Wooton
Have the writers taken a beloved character too far?

By Austin Peachey | March 19, 2012

Soaplessly Undevoted
Is Adventures in Odyssey in danger of losing its timeless appeal?

By Ben Warren | January 22, 2012

Anticipation of Jason
Adventures in Odyssey fans await the return of one of show's favorite characters.

By Marvin Grant | January 11, 2011

Is Odyssey Stuck in the Past?
With a re-launch of Adventures in Odyssey underway, one fan questions the direction of the show as the producers "take it from the top."

By Marvin Grant | October 18, 2010

A Town Called Odyssey
A fan who listened to Adventures in Odyssey as a child comes back to re-live the town's characters, memorable moments, lessons, and spiritual influence on secular culture.

By Matthew D. Miller | August 2, 2010

Is It Time for a New Adventures in Odyssey Logo?
It's not the first time Odyssey has been given a makeover. But is this one a bad thing?

By Jacob Isom | January 15, 2010

Wish You Were Here!

One AIO fan shares his adventure at Adventures in Odyssey's 20th Birthday Bash in August 2008.

By Tim Peterson | August 31, 2008

Highest Stakes - Happy Endings

Does The Highest Stakes really have a happy ending?

By Snow Whit | December 29, 2007

Will Whit Ever Get Married?

Is there a potential love interest in the life of Odyssey's central character?

By Joy Burgess | January 27, 2007

Focus Off the Fiction

Odyssey's listeners have played a vital role in the direction of the show from day one.

By Jacob Isom | December 2004

Treading Deep Water

A look into what AIO has become, in comparison to its past.

By Caleb Soudry | November 1, 2003

And the Small Bell Jingled

Walking into a changed character's life.

By Jacob Isom | October 4, 2003

BTV: Behind the Scenes: Behind the Scenes

Writer/director Nathan Hoobler discusses the creation of his episode, BTV: Behind the Scenes.

By Nathan Hoobler, writer/director for Adventures in Odyssey | August 1, 2003

Harlow Doyle: Mindless Moron or Malicious Mastermind?

Is Harlow Doyle too stupid for Odyssey's plots?

By Elf of Rivendell | June 1, 2003

What's Gonna Happen to Agnes Riley?

Writer/director Nathan Hoobler discusses the creation of his episode, BTV: Behind the Scenes.

By Erin Jackson | June 1, 2003

Odyssey's "Hospitalize the Heroes" Policy

Ironically enough, Odyssey's heroes tend to land in the hospital after fulfilling their roles.

By Tianlet | April 1, 2003

Saying Good Bye to the Novacom Saga

After an extended ride through the explosive mini-series, it's hard to say farewell a dramatic roller coaster.
By Jacob Isom | August 10, 2002

John Whittaker, a Cow, and An Ad Slogan

If the town of Odyssey had an advertising campaign, how would it look?

By Jared Walczak | March 30, 2002

Life After Novacom

One fan discusses a post-Novacom small, mid-western town.

By Joshua Shelly | March 30, 2002

Bassett Boy Brings Bothersome Bitter Bulletin Board Bickering

The introduction of Wooton Bassett to Odyssey came with a host of varying opinions.
By Jared Walczak | March 30, 2002

Contending with the Critical Non-Critics

Writer/director Nathan Hoobler discusses the creation of his episode, BTV: Behind the Scenes.

By Jared Walczak | March 2, 2002

Not All of Them
Adventures in Odyssey's most loyal fans are often its biggest critics.
By Jacob Isom | February 16, 2002

Don't Eat That Twinkie!

One fan addresses John Avery Whittaker's weight problem in a lighthearted way.

By Jared Walczak | January 2002

To Build or Not To Build: Should you start an AIO website?

The name says it all, but creating a fan site is no easy task.

By Jared Walczak | January 2002

Strange Boy in a Strange Land: Is It Time for His Return?

Will one of Odyssey's most popular kid characters make a re-appearance?

By Jacob Isom | December 1, 2001

The Writing of "The Triangle"

Writer/director Nathan Hoobler discusses the creation of his episode, The Triangle.

By Nathan Hoobler, writer/director for Adventures in Odyssey | September 8, 2001

"Snow Day" Puts Fans in Tizzy

One of Adventures in Odyssey's most popular episodes wasn't initially accepted with the acclaim it is today.

By Jacob Isom | September 1, 2001

AIO vs. Down Gilead Lane

Written in response to a new Christian radio drama, this article briefly compares AIO to Down Gilead Lane.

By Jacob Isom | August 17, 2001

A Ploy Called Novacom

Early in the Novacom Saga, it was hard to tell what would become of Odyssey in the midst of a questionable new media company.

By Jacob Isom | August 15, 2001


Prior to August 15, 2001

A Day in the Life of Travis Tedford

Travis Tedford, voice of Alex Jefferson, describes his typical day as an actor.

By Travis Tedford, actor for Adventures in Odyssey

Where Did Aubrey Shepherd Go?

Aubrey Shepard is on a spiritual journey, one where she must make her decisions.

By Jacob Isom

Who Is Mary Hopkins, Anyway?

Whit's teaming up with Mary Hopkins could potentially be a bad thing.

By Jacob Isom

What Is Novacom Really Up To?

What exactly does Novacom Broadcasting have up its sleeves?

By Jacob Isom

Connie in Love?

Introducing a love interest for Connie Kendall couldn't happen at a better time.

By Jacob Isom

A Chain of Whit's Ends?

Will creating a second Whit's End be too much for Whit to handle?

By Jacob Isom

Subliminal Messages on AIO?

The AIO creators addressed the Y2K concern in their own unique way.

By Jacob Isom

Bankruptcy for the Timothy Center?

Leasing his land to Novacom may be more than Tom Riley bargained for.

By Jacob Isom

Is Actor of Eugene Meltsner Quitting?

Eugene Meltsner disappeared from the series in 2000, and it didn't take long for the fans to notice his departure.

By Jacob Isom



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