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Welcome to Where Odyssey Is Not, a fan feature so unique, so intriguing----that it got us mentioned in two editions of The Official Guide, published by Focus on the Family!

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Discover where Odyssey is, based on where it is not.

Throughout the years on Adventures in Odyssey, many characters on the show have given hints as to where the town of Odyssey is located. While the AIO team has never specifically revealed Odyssey's location on the map, the town's characters have helped to unveil some clues. This section is devoted to those moments on the show where Odyssey characters tell us where Odyssey is not. What follows are states that have been mentioned on the program by the characters themselves, along with information and evidences to prove where Odyssey is not.

The main purpose of Where Odyssey Is Not is to highlight specific mentions of states, affirmed by the Odyssey characters throughout the series. Many times on the show, spoken clues and events may lead listeners to assume that a specific region is ruled out as a location for Odyssey. We wanted to give exact proofs that Odyssey is not in some states (i.e. a character literally mentions a state). Statements said within the series that provide clues and no 100% facts are revealed below and on appropriate states' pages under The State of Things. It's up to you to decide where Odyssey is located, based on the clues.

Our records indicate that 38 of the United States of America are ruled out on Adventures in Odyssey in 193 specific mentions on the show. This list will continue to grow, so there's more to come!

Where Odyssey Is Not Where Odyssey Is?
Alaska New Hampshire Alabama
Arizona New Jersey Delaware
Arkansas New Mexico Georgia
California New York Illinois
Colorado North Carolina Louisiana
Connecticut Oklahoma Minnesota
Florida Oregon Missouri
Hawaii Pennsylvania North Dakota
Idaho South Dakota Ohio
Indiana Tennessee Rhode Island
Iowa Texas South Carolina
Kansas Utah Wyoming
Kentucky Vermont    
Maine Virginia    
Maryland Washington    
Massachusetts West Virginia    
Michigan Wisconsin    
Montana   U.S. Regions    
Nebraska   New England    
Nevada   Washington D.C.    

Although Odyssey's residing state has not been declared on the show, some valuable clues have been revealed over the years. Some make you think, while others make you wonder if the writers even know where Odyssey is. Read about some of those instances.


Periodically, characters on Adventures in Odyssey mention "the state," but they never say which state that is. The writers are very clever in keeping the fans guessing. Read about some of those instances.


Throughout the series, characters occasionally travel to far away places. Sometimes they drive to nearby cities, and other times they fly across the globe. Click here for a complete listing.


This site feature has proven to be one of the most popular and captivating sections, and many fans have written in to contribute their thoughts. Click here to read what others think about the location of Odyssey. Then submit your own!



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