Let's "State" the Facts

Although Odyssey's residing state has not been declared on the show, some valuable clues have been revealed over the years. Some make you think, while others make you wonder if the writers even know where Odyssey is.

  • While presenting a riddle to the kids at Whit's End, Whit references the cities of Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Detroit in Promises, Promises, although he doesn't say any states. He attempts to prove that he is in neither of the cities. It can be deducted that Cincinnati and Buffalo are closer to Odyssey than Detroit is.

  • The town of Odyssey experiences all four seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Many episodes indicate this.

  • The town of Odyssey experiences bad storms, including occasional tornadoes. The show never indicates that tornadoes are rare occurrences in Odyssey, though when a tornado strikes, the town's citizens take extra safety precautions. This could indicate that Odyssey is located in a state that experiences tornadoes, but not in excess.

  • Kids Radio originally began as KYDS Radio in Kid's Radio. In reality, only stations west of the Mississippi River have call letters that begin with K. All stations east of it start with W. However, later on, the Adventures in Odyssey team decided to toss "KYDS" as it would be too confusing for radio stations in real life and transformed KYDS Radio to Kids Radio. Where would that place Odyssey? Also in Family Vacation, George and Mary Barclay are trying to get their car to start when the voice on the radio announces the KFOF call letters of the station.

  • Terry and George Johnston take a train ride nonstop from Odyssey to New York in The Last Great Adventure of the Summer and arrive in Manhattan within hours.

  • In The Ill-Gotten Deed, Horace and Grover McAllister race from their homes in Virginia to somewhere "out west" where they will later found the town of Odyssey. According to the episode, it takes them weeks (on horseback) to reach their destination.

  • In the episode Lincoln, Jimmy is asked if he is a Yankee or a Confederate, and he replies that he's neither; he's from out West.

  • The town of Odyssey is only a few miles from the state line. (Not One of Us)

  • If traveling by train, it is a day's journey from Chicago to Odyssey. (Train Ride) Whit and Eugene board an Amtrak train in Chicago and head home to Odyssey. It is brought to their attention that some of the passengers on another train car (mannequin salesmen) are on their way to a convention in Cincinnati. According to Amtrak's website, a trip from Chicago to Cincinnati is approximately 8 1/2 hours in total. If traveling by train, it is a day's journey from Chicago to Odyssey, as revealed in the episode as well. Now, where is Odyssey in relation to Cincinnati? It is revealed that the stop to Odyssey is before Cincinnati.

  • In A License to Drive, Eugene mentions that in the state in which Odyssey resides, it is illegal to spit on the sidewalk. The only three states in which this is illegal are Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio.

  • The episode Timmy's Cabin reveals that the legendary Johnny Appleseed supposedly planted the apple orchard on Tom Riley's farm. Johnny Appleseed's route spanned through the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

  • Odyssey is located near or around an area with mountains. In the episode Flash Flood, Whit, Eugene, Bernard, and Tom go camping in the mountains near Odyssey. Many other references to the mountains near Odyssey are dispersed throughout the show.

  • In On Solid Ground, Whit takes a caller during Kids Radio's "Adventures of the Bible" segment. When asked what "foundations" are, one caller responds, "Aren't they those big farms down south?" It can be deduced that Odyssey is in one of the northern states.

  • A city named Connellsville is located near Odyssey, as referenced by countless episodes.

  • In The Mysterious Stranger, Whit is told that the Tate House is "on old Route 40, towards Connellsville", implying that it's in the Odyssey area. Route 40 goes through New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and even Nevada and California.

  • A city named Waynestown is located near Odyssey, as revealed in And the Glory.

  • During Eugene and Bernard's trip across the country, their known stops on their route include Iowa, Colorado, California, and even a brief stop to Disney Land. (First-Hand Experience, Second Thoughts, The Fifth House on the Left I, It Happened at Four Corners, and The Fifth House on the Left).

  • In First-Hand Experience, Eugene and Bernard begin their roadtrip near a city called Cleveland. However, there is not enough evidence to prove which Cleveland the episode refers to. (There are several cities named Cleveland in the United States.)

  • Jason Whittaker makes a phone call in A Name, Not a Number and mentions that it will take him a couple days to drive from Phoenix (Arizona) to Odyssey. Now what is Jason's interpretation of the phrase, a couple?

  • In Unto Us a Child Is Born, Katrina Shanks Meltsner mentions that she will be making the drive to Chicago to be with her family during their Christmas Day brunch. This downside is that she has to leave early enough Christmas Day to be there on time for it. On the other hand, she lives close enough to Chicago that she can make the trip and be at her destination all on the same day.

  • Carl Ross tells Jack Allen the story of the Underground Railroad and establishes that it takes place in the "southern United States." Also, the ultimate destination of the sojourners is in the north. It can be assumed that Odyssey is in one of the northern states. (The Underground Railroad)

  • Erica Clark learns in Rewards in Full that it is illegal in their state to ride a bike without a helmet. No wonder we've seen illustrations of Odyssey kids wearing helmets on older editions of Adventures in Odyssey cover artwork.

  • In Angels Unaware, Odyssey resident Alma Stump is interviewed for the local Odyssey news. She reveals that she grows strawberries and raspberries. Interestingly, strawberries tend to not grow very well anywhere south of Missouri. This could indicate that Odyssey may be located in a northern state such as Minnisota (raspberries grow very well there), Illinois, North Dakota, or Ohio. However, we only eliminate states as Odyssey's location based on specific mentions of characters only. Yet, details matter!

  • A writer named Mark Herring bicycles across the United States in Best Face Forward and stops at Whit's End.

  • In New Year's Eve Live!, Harlow Doyle accidentally gets on a bus headed to Chicago shortly before midnight. When he asks the bus driver what time they will arrive, the driver says "around 8:30 tomorrow morning."  Therefore, Odyssey has to be located somewhere that the trip to Chicago takes 8 1/2 hours or slightly longer by bus.

  • A woman named Alice refers to the camp where she met Timmy Riley as being "out west" (Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion). This indicates that Odyssey is planted within one of the eastern states.

  • The Barclay family flies to the New England states to visit, and ultimately move to, Pokenberry Falls, in Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. Edwin Blackgaard later says that he and Walter Shakespeare will be touring New England in The Taming of the Two. It can be assumed the Odyssey resides outside of the cluster of states in New England.

  • Alex Jefferson claims that he, Mandy Straussberg, and Cal Jordan will fight them [the Bones of Wrath] "on our beaches." Cal, taking his comment literally, corrects him and tells him that Odyssey doesn't have any beaches. (Snow Day) Thus, Odyssey is landlocked. But does the state have beaches?

  • Jack and Joanne often take business trips to Chicago, as revealed in Plan B II - Collision Course. In this case, they flew to Chicago. Jack arrives at his meeting with Arthur Dent, scheduled for 5:30 PM. Meanwhile, back in Odyssey, Connie meets AREM online at 5:45 PM and receives a report at 5:50 PM. Then, in Chicago, Arthur Dent arrives late at his 5:30 meeting with Jack Allen. It can be assumed, based on the unfolding events in this episode, that Odyssey is located in the same time zone as Chicago.

  • Upon arriving home from her road trip with Joanne Allen, Connie is greeted by a warm embrace from her mother and a brief reminder that she traveled 1,000 miles to Washington D.C. In other words, Odyssey is located at least 1,000 miles away from D.C. Either that, or June Kendall threw a number out there. (Eggshells)

  • A city named Odenton is located near Odyssey, as revealed in The Black Veil.

  • Malcolm Lear states in The Taming of the Two that Odyssey is in the "less illness-bound area of the country." Chew up the meat and spit out the bones on this statement. Last time we checked, even Whit gets sick and needs Connie to deliver an occasional bowl of chicken soup (Bad Company).

  • Whit claims that daisies can be seen around the entire state in which Odyssey is located. (True Calling)

  • In Odyssey Sings!, a producer from a national hit television show, America Sings, is trying to decide where to take the show on tour. He throws a dart and hits the town of Odyssey on a map, determining where to go next. However, no clues are provided to indicate where in the country Odyssey is.

  • A girl named Lindsay travels 500 miles to intern at Whit's End in Best of Enemies, but she doesn't say where she is from. However, we do know that she has taken a bus.

  • A city named Greensburg is located near Odyssey, as revealed in The Other Side of the Glass.

  • In A Capsule Comes to Town, it is explicitly stated that Odyssey is "a small, mid-western town."

  • State Senator Hoines makes a visit to Odyssey in License to Deprive. Unfortunately, he is not a senator in real life or we would know exactly which state's senator he is... and where Odyssey is, too!

  • In the special audio release of Passages: Darien's Rise, John Avery Whittaker reads the manuscript titled, "The Chronicles of the Chosen" about a mysterious world named Marus. At one point, Anna, one of two main child characters, catches a first glimpse of a room in Marus: "It reminded her of a room in her great grandfather's house. He was the governor of a neighboring state." However, not enough evidence is provided to tell us where Odyssey is or isn't. Let's call it a good teaser for avid fans.

  • In For the Birds, Eugene mentions hearing a western meadowlark along with a few other species of birds. Later in the episode, the Parker family finds a baby blue jay, indicating that this episode takes place during the birds' breeding season. The only states listed as possible places for Odyssey that also have western meadowlarks in the breeding season are Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Wyoming. This would exclude the states of Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, Rhode Island and South Carolina as possible locations for Odyssey. However, we only eliminate Odyssey's locations in states when characters specifically mention them in a way that eliminates them as being Odyssey's location. Sometimes, however, the devil is in the details!

  • A talking painting of Frederick Douglass in the Whit's End Gallery tells the story of the Jubilee Singers and references "the South." It can be deduced that Odyssey is in one of the northern states. (The Jubilee Singers)

  • In Between the Lines, Jason Whittaker travels to Richland, a town about an hour away over the state line. Richland is referenced multiple times on Adventures in Odyssey.

  • If we were going by the Adventures in Odyssey video series as our guide to Odyssey's location, one could make some assumptions based on A Flight to the Finish. During the scene in which Holly's cat is instigating Dylan's dog, Sherman, a fight ensues, followed by an explosion. During the explosion, the animation zooms out to a map of the united states, revealing the Odyssey truly is located in the mid-western United States. Yet, it is still unclear as to which state this explosion occurs. This would narrow it down quite a bit if we used this scene as gospel. It's a fun scene, but we're not willing to sign off on it based on the animated series.

Look for additional clues about Odyssey's location throughout Where Odyssey Is Not under each state!

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