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For years, Adventures in Odyssey fans have been dying to know where Odyssey is located. Below is just a highlight of what others think. All comments posted below have been added within the pages of the section. Thanks to our contributors! Why not send us an email with your thoughts on Where Odyssey Is Not?


In Green Ring Conspiracy, Detective Polhaus finds some flight plans for the plane that crashed in Gower's field. It was originally intended for Chicago, (Illinois), but got switched to Atlanta, (Georgia.) It was a flight FROM Odyssey. So this seems to suggest that Odyssey is NOT in Illinois or Georgia, 2 states which you have listed as possible Odyssey locations.



Dear Webmaster, In the book, Dark Passage, which I'm sure you are familiar with, the book stated that the slave catchers and the slaves traveled far to the south and they ended up in Huntsville, Alabama. To arrive at their destination they had to pass through Kentucky and Tennesse. I hope this helps to narrow down the search to where Odyssey is.

     --Benjamin N.


In "The Mysterious Stranger, Part 1", Whit is told that the Tate House is "on old Route 40, towards Connellsville", implying that it's in the Odyssey area. Route 40 goes through New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and even Nevada and California in its heyday. Cross-checking this against the Odyssey Scoop List, this leaves 4 states: Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and Delaware. I hope you find this information useful.

     --Benjamin N.


The sad thing is even if the town is real we will never no. ,I say this because Focus on the family uses roads for example that run throu states such as MI. And they use citties such as Conals Ville in Pa. and to make it even more interesting, they have added the letter K to all of the stations. that is done in states such as AZ for example.Next they use county's such as Camble and that is in VA, Ma, and other places. there is Camble county's all over. I think that the reason we will never know if Odyssey is real is because Focus on the family doesn't know if it is or not. and, if they do then they are hushing it up do to the fact that they don't want the adenttity to get out of the town.,I neen no offence by writing this stuff, these are only my comments and I believe that some of you will truly enjoy reading these.

     --Timothy C.


Where is Odyssey? I can help you rule out Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. We can rule out any states East of the Mississippi River. In the United States, call signs east of the Mississippi River begin with "W", e.g. WWL 870 AM. Radio stations west of the Mississippi river start with a "K," e.g. KYDS "Kids Radio.",Here is a Wiki Article about it: ,,



I think Odyssey is in Illinois or Ohio or Missouri because it says it is a one day ride by train to Chicago, so it has to be close to Illinois. (Maybe Southern Illinois, or the middle of Missouri.) It can't be to south, because Odyssey has snow. And the part about tornadoes, that means Odyssey can't be in Tornado Alley, but perhaps somewhere close. Your biggest clue is the one-day ride to Chicago. Now I'm ruling out Missouri, so it's Illinois or Ohio.



I believe that Odyssey could be located in Indianaopolis. With all of the conversations about Chicago and Illinois being both close to this state. It's possible that Odyssey could very well be located in Indianaopolis.


In The Green Ring Conspiracy part II, Whit says that Monty has been working in Des Moines. Also, the doctor says that the area's Secret Service office is in Springfield. Now, which Springfield do they mean, and how close is this office to Odyssey?



I looked up the years that the potential states for Odyssey were accepted into the US, and here are the results; keep in mind as you read this that Whit said Odyssey was founded in the early 1800's. It was also mentioned that it was in the north and east, ruling out Louisiana and Wyoming.,Illinois: accepted 1818,Ohio: accepted 1803,Indiana: accepted 1816,Minnesota: accepted 1858,Alabama: accepted 1819,Louisiana: accepted 1804,Wyoming: accepted 1890,Rhode Island and Delaware were both original colonies in the US.,Thanks, and God Bless.

     --Wooton's Slide


So I've done more research and figured it out. In the first episode Whit said something like, "Welcome to a tiny town in Ohio called Odyssey." And then in episode 7: Promises, promises, Whit is telling a riddle and he says "I'm not in Buffalo am i?...And I'm not in Cincinnati am i?...And I'm definatly not in Detroit am i?" ALL cities in Ohio!

     --Hannah B.


This past weekend I heard most of,the 'flash flood' episode. I recall,there were some radio reports of,flash flood warnings for certain,counties and areas. The info,in these alerts could be useful,as clues as to where Odyssey, is locate.
     --Neal S.


I think Odyssey is in Ohio. It would take two days to get to California by bus, a few hours to Manhatten, NY by train. Ohio is considered the midwest. Ohio is an ending place for the underground railroad etc. etc. etc. Odyssey has to be in Ohio.



Hi, I just wanted to comment on the "Where Odyssey is NOT" section of the website. I noticed that there are a lot of southern states (Georgia, Alabama, etc.) still on the list. I think those can all safely be eliminated because of the "The Underground Railroad" episodes; Caroline and Henry don't make it to Odyssey until after they're north of the Ohio River.,,Just wanted to add that, because I'm really excited to seeing where Odyssey "is"! :D (Still rooting for my home state, Minnesota! ;)) Also, thank you so much for doing this. :) I've been really curious to at least narrow it down ever since they started teasing us about it....



Odyssey can't be in Delaware, because Eugene responds to Jason in one of the "Search for Whit" episodes "Back east as in Chicago or Dover, Delaware?"

     --Christopher Y.


Hey, I was just listening to an old Odyssey program, called, Rewards in Full, and for your "Where Odyssey is Not", I thought that you might want to know that...Erica said that," Did you know it is against the law in this state to ride your bicycle without a helmet?" And, I just thought, that you could eliminate some states from where Odyssey is and is not, by looking up where it is illegal and legal to ride bikes with and without helmets.



Hey, I've been working on the Where is Odyssey? question and I think you've made a mistake in one of your assumptions. You assumed that Odyssey was in a northern state because of references to the southern United States in "Underground Railroad." However, since Odyssey was a stop along the way, It's more likely that it is located in a slave state. Considering this, and its proximity to Chicago, and the routes Connie, Bernard, and Eugene would have taken in their trips to California (Connie goes through Barstow on her way to L.A. by the way) I figure the most likely state is Missouri. Given that Missouri radio stations have call letters beginning with K it fits. You can map out a fairly logical route from Missouri (close to the Illinois state line) to California that travels north to Iowa, west to Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, to California. It also fits as a "western" or "mid western" town and hasn't been overtly ruled out in by statements in the show.


I was just listening to some old AIO episodes...and i heard the Treasure of LeMonde for the first time in the episode it is mentioned that LeMonde lived in canada and he used to leave part of his treasure at the places he ministered of those places was Odyssey...could it be possible Odyssey is in canada?



Odyssey can't be in Louisiana because it doesn't get any snow, there are no mountains, and it would take a long time to get to Chicago by a train.



I think Odyssey is probably in Illinois. There are so many references to Chicago.

     --Ricky F.


You have made many comments about Whit and Eugene travelling on Amtrak. There are a couple of problems with this. For one, Amtrak does not operate trains that carry cargo and passengers. In Train Ride there is a storage car and yes Amtrak uses baggage cars but most likely would not be able to access the cars from the rest of the train without climbing on top of the train.

     --Daniel R.


I was looking through the list of where Odyssey is not, and I remembered that Johnny Appleseed was rumored to have planted the apple trees on Tom Riley's farm. The trail he blazed went through the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Thought it would be an interesting note.



I think Odyssey is set in Ohio because: 1. There is a town in Ohio called McConnelsville, and 2. McConnelsville is in a small valley.
     --Ryan R.


In the episode Snow Day, Alex is talking to his "troops" and says "we will fight them on the beaches" and Cal interrupts and says " Odyssey doesn't have any beaches" . So I don't think that whichever state they are in has a beach, but that could just mean that there aren't any beaches around Odyssey. Just wondering if you caught that. Thanks! And I love your site!!!!!
     --Anna P.


In the list of where odyssey is and is not is missing facts from this album-In "Wish you were here" Bernard and Eugene start on thier journey. Their first stop is near Cleveland Ohio, where the cow got hit by the 747. This was only after an hour!(so it can not be any new England state, like you listed, nor Illinois,Missouri (even cleveland Oklahoma is a good 4 hours from the southern border of Missouri),or Minnisota -In fact the only state you could live in to be in Cleveland in an hour is ohio or michigan(and michigan is already proven not it) Then they are in Iowa-so It is not WYOMING or NORTH DAKOTA,they would have to drive thousands of miles the wrong way to get to Calafornia! Also why if they were from Georgia, Alabama, South Caralina, Louisianna why on earth would they drive extra thousands of miles up to Iowa, then to colorado and then to 4 corners. If they were from any of those states they would have never been in Iowa or Colorado! Well that pretty much covers and proves that Ohio is the only place listed for where Odyssey is. Thanks for your time :)

     --Natasha M.


I have it on good authority that Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Rhode Island, and South Carolina are where odyssey is not. In the episode "A Capsule Comes To Town", the narrator says "In the small Midwestern town of Odyssey." That eliminates those states.

     --Caleb W.


"The Inspiration Station, Part 1" mentions Saskatchewan, Canada if you want to add it to your site!

     --Irwin Springer


In one of the podcasts (Over the Airwaves; July 11, 2007) Whit introduces the a show on Kids' Radio (call letters KYDS). This should mean that Odyssey is west of the Mississippi River - as regulated by a FCC ruling in 1923.



I am almost sure that odyssey is in Ohio because it said tat twice in family portraits! Why doesn't that prove that Odyssey is in Ohio?

     --Ryan R.


There is a Campbell county in Wyoming.



Hi! I love all the hard work you did for the "Where Odyssey Is Not" section. My sister had a thought about Curt Steven's remark in "Dawn's Early Light". When he said, "no, it's in... another state," perhaps, he didn't say which state it was since it had not become a state yet. Based on your information, historical facts about the Underground Railroad and Johnny Appleseed, plus any geography clues from the radio drama, I think the state is Illinois. It was founded in 1818, while Ohio was founded in 1803; it already would have been a state during the War of 1812. I'll certainly be checking this website frequently! Keep up the great work!



I think that Odyssey is in Ohio, because the only evidence I have against it is that the first part of KYDS radio would be a W if it was on that side of the Mississippi River. But, think about this. What if Odyssey isn't in our world? I mean, Odyssey is a very realistic place, but it's also a place where machines and rooms can transport you to other periods of history, and companies could take over the world with little black TV boxes. It's possible.



I'm not sure if this is sufficient evidence or not, but you already have Montana listed on your where Odyssey is not list, but in the episode, "Snow Day" about 5 minutes into the episode, Cal gets hit by a snowball and Alex asks him how many fingers he's holding up. Cal replies, "Bozeman, Montana" I dont know if this is would prove that Odyssey is not in Montana or not, but I just thought I would let you know. Thanks! This is absolutely the best Odyssey website out there!



In the episodes, the Underground Railroad parts 1,2,3, the characters cross the Ohio River before arriving at the church that became Whits End, therefore, that rules out all the southern states in your list. It also cannot be Missouri because it was a slave state and runaway slaves would have no reason to go there.



On September 28, 2009, the Official Site posted a link to Where Odyssey Is Not and received a big response from readers. Click here to see it. It includes even more comments on this section.



Why could odyssey not be in North Carolina...based off of the two quotes it just means its not in those two cities! Could it be in Greensboro, NC Jamestown, NC.,,Just a thought.


I think odyssey is in ohio because the underground railroad is in ohio and the underground railroad is attached to whitsend.


The Ill-Gotten Deed states that Odyssey is WEST of virginia,this would rule out any states north, or south of it.



I don't have any clue to where or where not Odyssey is but it's most likely not down south, in the episode Silent Night, Bernard says they wanted to skip the usual Christmas blizzard, and they have snow very often so it's up north a little ways at least. It could be in Illinois, they always say they're going to Chicago, never that they're going to Illinois, and they get a lot of snow up there. I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope it does!



Odyssey is not in South Carolina. On your website, you stated that it takes 8 1/2 hours by train to Chicago. It takes more than that to even DRIVE to Chicago from South Carolina. I know because I live in South Carolina and my aunt and uncle live in Chicago and we drive to see them every once in a while.

     --Hannah B.


I think i found it On Google Earth! When i looked up Odyssey, I found a country town! It?s in the east of North America, It?s near Cleveland, Connellsville, mountains, There Are no beaches, It?s also near Odenton, And it?s near Greensburg, And it?s near the state line,It?s Also near Virginia.,And also, In "The Ill Gotten deed", They mentioned that they lived in Virginia. Hope that Helps!



In The Underground Railroad, parts 1,2, and 3, the characters have to cross the Ohio River before making it to the church that became Whit's End, this means Odyssey cannot be in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama or Louisiana.

     --Micah Watanabe


Odyssey is in Ohio, as specified in episode no. 1!



Dear Odyssey Scoop,
I was looking at your odyssey scoop section and noticed something about the Washington D. C. You didn't mention when they talked about Washington D. C. in "Our Best Vacation Ever". They talk about going on vacation to Washington D. C. You might want to put that in the Washington D. C. section.

Odyssey must be landlocked, as in Snow Days, Alex begins to make a speech from Winston Churchill's "Our Finest Hour" speech (which is awesome btw) and says "...we will fight them on the beaches..." to which Nathaniel replies that they have no beaches. Thus, they must be landlocked.
     --Hannah O.

Jacob- I just finished listening to "Our Best Vacation Ever" and in the episode Donna, Mary and Jimmy all say places away from Odyssey including New York, Washington D.C., and Florida.

Jacob - I just finished listening to Room Enough for Two. Mark is talking about where he met Natalie and says " you know in Kansas how they..." then it fades - maybe it worth checking out.

In "New Year's Eve Live," Harlow accidentally gets on a bus headed to Chicago shortly before midnight.  When he asks the bus driver what time they will arrive, the driver says "around 8:30 tomorrow morning."  Therefore, Odyssey has to be located somewhere that the trip to Chicago takes 8 1/2 hours or slightly longer by bus.  This rules out certain states in your "Where Odyssey is?" section, such as Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, etc.  Using this info, please update your listings.  I think that it will narrow down the list of where Odyssey might be significantly.

Hey Odyssey Scoop,
The mystery was actually solved before the series began. On the very first broadcast of Family Portraits on Focus on the Family, it was said that the town of Odyssey is in Ohio. I don't know if it is possible to still hear those now, but I heard them a few years ago, and that's what Dr. Dobson and Mike Trout said. So, there you go.
Jeremy G.

In By Dawn's Early Light when curt replies to the man asking "is that here in Maryland?", he says "Odyssey? No, it's in another state." That means that is isn't in one of the original 13 states.

It can't be in: Connecticut, Delaware*, Georgia*, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina*, Pennsylvania Rhode Island*, Virginia
*="Where odyssey is?"

Am I wrong?

A note about Where Odyssey Is Not: This will help-the radio stations in Oddyssey (ex. KODY, KIDS(Z) radio) have a "K" suffix instead of a "W" suffix. You can eliminate a bunch of states with that info.
     --Austin B.

In the episode Lincoln, Jimmy is asked if he is Yankee or Confederate, and he replies that he's neither; he's from out West.

In the novacom saga veil industries is in odyssey and it has a PO Box and Po Boxes are usually in Canada so Odyssey may might be in Canada and also you know the only proof that washington wasnt the home of odyssey was a deleted scene so it could of been deleted BECAUSE its in WA.

I would think that Wyoming wouldn’t be a state where Odyssey would be because the Underground Railroad couldn’t have possibly run through it. Wyoming is in the west and slavery and large settlements were only in the east.
     --Kenan S.

This site lists the states that had Underground Railroad stops:
Wouldn't places like Alabama and Louisiana be ruled out since I think it has snowed in Odyssey? Also some of the states would be too far for a day's journey to Chicago. Thanks for the list! Neat site.

I read over all the points made about the location of Odyssey, and noticed that you forgot to mention the fact that Odyssey is near or around an area with mountains. In the episode Flash Flood, the geography hints state that Whit, Tom, Bernard and Eugene are somewhere that a flash flood can occur. Judging by the clues given, this suggests that Odyssey could be somewhere near the Appalachians. I would also look into the details of the geography of places around Odyssey, like Loon Lake (from "The Pact"), Trickle Lake, and Camp Whatanut to get clues. Finally, there was a tornado warning in odyssey, and also an actual tornado, meaning that it's unlikely to be Rhode Island, since the state very rarely experiences tornadoes, and there is no mention that tornadoes are rare in Odyssey, actually, they seem to be accustomed to tornadoes. If accents are being taken into consideration, a southern accent is rare (Tom Riley is the only usual character with a southern accent). Therefore, Odyssey's location in a northern state could be assumed. Geographically speaking, I would think that Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina and Wyoming seem the most plausible. Delaware is very flat and probably does not experience flash floods in the hills. Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina are probably too far south to support the accents, though that can't necessarily be generalized. Hopefully this information is valuable in the search for Odyssey.
    --Jonathan F.

In "The Pact (part 2)" Tom Riley, when referencing how long it will take to reach the camp, says that it is "just across the state line" and that it will take about three hours to get there. However, he does not mention the name of the state. I hope this helps! Thanks.
    --Hannah L. ("Wooton's Slide")

I have deducted from your information that it would be impossible for Odyssey to be in Rhode Island, Delaware or South Carolina or Alabama. According to the sequence of episodes in which Joanne and Connie drive to Washington D.C. it is implied that the trip takes more than a couple days. Here are the following times that it takes to get from each point to D.C.:

Delaware: 2.5 hrs
Rhode Island: 7 hrs
South Carolina: 7 hrs
Alabama: 13 hrs


I'm adding more info, on why odyssey is in Ohio. On the Odyssey video, "Race to Freedom" when Dylan and Carter are inside the Imagination Station stops the screen says Ohio. (and in this movie, they visit the church that later became Whit's End) Also, many slaves came through Ohio on the Underground Railroad. There are also, many shows where different cities in Ohio are mentioned. Also, they frequently visit Chicago, so it must not be that far away. Ohio, is only two states away from Illinois. So, therefore Odyssey IS in Ohio. (it's mentioned far too many times in different episodes) Oh! and also, in the two part episode "Family Vacation" the Barclays mention that it will take three days to get to Florida from their house. That's exactly how long it takes to get to FL from Ohio!

Odyssey is not in Georgia! When the Barcley's went on vacation to Florida, they said that it would take 3 to 4 days to get there. Now I don't think that Georgia is that far from Florida...

I recently listened to the newest episode from the new album Head Over Heels, Between The Lines part 1. In it Jason decides to go to a town called Richland which he mentions is about an hour over the state line. I thought that might put a little light on the subject, "Where Odyssey is Not." I had trouble doing the research so I thought the people at the odyssey scoop would do better research. I am so excited to find out where Odyssey is, even though it isn't in my state. Good luck!

The town of odyssey is on the west side of the Mississippi, because in the episode Real Time Bryan Dern says his station name is odyssey 105 KODY. KODY is what is called the call letters of the station. The first letter of the call letters indicates which side of the Mississippi the station is on. K means it is on the west side and W means the station is located on the east side of the Mississippi. The first letter is a K. That means the town of Odyssey is on the west side of the Mississippi.
   -Snake man

I've often wondered where exactly Odyssey is and tonight, I was super excited to discover (via the Odyssey Adventure Club) Odyssey is in Ohio! In fact, it\'s one of the first things Whit mentions in the first Family Portraits episode, Whit\'s Visitor (part of the bonus material on the Just in Time album). It's been fun to read all about the theories on where it could or couldn't be. :)
   -Nathan D. 

here are direct maps along with other information that you’ll need for the town of Odyssey. 
this will help you to get started on your research. i’ve been researching this stuff for a while now and have found some pretty creepy things concerning the people of the town such as there is a real tom rily for example. 
there are numbers listed in the yellow pages for them and everything. 
take care.
   -Timothy C.

I have been studying a map of the U.S. and thought I would try to find out just exactly where Odyssey is. I have had a little success. I used a number of your clues on The Odyssey Scoop including searching for the name of cities in the United States. I found it interesting that Pennsylvania had both a Connellsville and a Cleveland. I also did a bit of research concerning the bicycle helmet law and in PA it is illegal for a child under the age of twelve to not wear a helmet. As mountains and tornadoes are mentioned a few times in Adventures in Odyssey episodes I decided to look into that as well. It turns out that although Pennsylvania is not in tornado alley they have seen their fair share of tornadoes. Pennsylvania also houses the Appalachian mountains. Pennsylvania is also on \'old route 40\' which is mentioned in the episode Mysterious Stranger. I would conclude that all of these clues add to some very valuable information. I hope these clues help in the search to figure out just where Odyssey is and I hope to hear back from you. Friend-to-a-Friend

Odyssey can not be on the east coast because in the episode where the barkleys speak about spending money responsibly, mrs Barkley claims that she wants to go on a vacation to the east coast and this would not be said if they were located on the east coast.
    --Seth B.

so I was wondering to my self where might odyssey be located and using my own extensive odyssey knowledge I narrowed the states down. then I wondered if anyone else had the same question as me so I lloked it up and there you guys were. so for starters top marks for your organization. its one thing to state a fact or even type in a quote its a whole new ball game when someone takes the time to track down all the sound files. using my research and some of yours (which was very helpful) I was able to narrow it down to 3 states in which odyssey could be located Luosiana Geroga and Alabama. from here I used to story refrences. I rembered something about travel in the long train ride. I think it was a day trip from Chicago to odyssey and in a name not a number they also have a distance repfrence. using D+R.xT I found that Lousiana is the moat likely. you guys had most of my sources but I had ne big one which helped be track down the final 3. in the ablum risks in rewads and the episode rewards in full Erica says that in her state its illegal  to right a bycial without a helmet on. so I tracked down these states and from here I can cross of any state that in which its legal to ride a bike without a helmet. that's the link to the site make sure you don't get confused because it talk about motorcycles too only look at the last row. anyways full marks to you thx for you help in perging my odyssey curiosity. hopefully I info has been helpful but I do relize its not as concreat as some of you other facts so its your choice to use it or not. sincerely from you friendly adventures in odyssey fan.
    --David H.

According to the Where Odyssey is not page, Odyssey could be in Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Wyoming. However, in The Underground Railroad, two people are heading north to Canada and cross the Ohio River, then later north, they reach Odyssey. So Odyssey is north of the Ohio River which rules out Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, or South Carolina. So that leaves Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Wyoming. However in Plan B, Whit goes to Chicago to visit Arthur Dent in Mid morning. He arrives sometime in the afternoon or early evening. So it took him anywhere from about 2 to 8 hours to get from Odyssey to Chicago. So Odyssey can\'t be in Rhode Island, Delaware, North Dakota, or Wyoming because you can\'t drive from any of those places to Chicago in 8 hours. So that leaves Illinois, Minnesota, or Ohio. Also, in The good, the bad, and Butch, Butch says that Sam\'s father took them to a Chicago Cubs game once. That would suggest that Odyssey is near Chicago, which rules out Minnesota because it is about an 8 hour drive from there to Chicago. So that leaves Minnesota and Illinois. In the Green Ring Conspiracy, Agent Tanner says that she came from the local office in Springfield. That suggests strongly that Springfield is in the same state as Odyssey. There is a Springfield in Illinois and Missouri but Springfield Missouri is in the Southwest part of the state, about a 9 hour drive from Chicago. And Springfield Illinois is about 2 hours from Chicago. Therefore, I can conclude that Odyssey is located very near Springfield, Illinois.

In Snow Day Cal Jordan says that we don't have any beeches (referring to their state). Rhode Island has beeches and lots of them. No matter where you are there is a beech 10 minutes away. I would know, I lived there. So Odyssey is not in Rhode Island.
    --Gabe B.

Dear Odyssey Scoop: Though I personally believe that Odyssey is clearly located in Ohio, I would at least like to expound on "Where Odyssey Is Not". You have a number of states that have yet to be eliminated, but I think several of them aren't even options for Odyssey's location, and I thought you might want to take them off the list. First, Rhode Island and Delaware can't be there because the Barclay family moved east, and you can't move east of either of those states. Second, Illinois can't be there because of the travel time it takes people from Odyssey to Chicago. Third, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Missouri all can't be there because slaves had to cross the Ohio River to get to Odyssey via the Underground Railroad. So legitimately, I don't think there should be more than the other 4 states left on that list. Nonetheless, thanks for all the work you've put into the "Where Odyssey Is Not" webpage. I really enjoy it!
    --Nathan J.

Hi! just wanted to mention something to improve your facts: you stated this under the Ohio evidence: 

Also, in The Underground Railroad, Henry and Caroline crossed the Ohio River to get to freedom. The house connecting to the church where Reverend Andrew lived, which is ultimately Whit\'s End\'s location, was just across the border. Could it be Cincinnati?

However, I have to point out that Illinois borders the Ohio river as well.
Also, all of the information about the Jubilee singers is really irrelevant to the search for Odyssey- the Jubilee singers had nothing to do with odyssey. 
I just wanted to point this out since I\'m rooting for Illinois to be the location of Campbell county! ;)
    --Nikki G.

According to Whit\'s own statement in "The Mysterious Stranger" Odyssey is located near Route 40. Also, in "wish you were here" Bernard and Eugene travel through Iowa to get to California. It takes 3 days to get to Florida, 1 day to get to Chicago. It is in between Chicago and Cinncinatti. In Timmy's Cabin, Johnny Appleseed traveled through Odyssey. All of these factors lead me to believe Odyssey is in Ohio.
    --Heather and Hannah G.

Hey whoever's in charge of this ''Where is Odyssey'' thingy ma-jig. I looked you up and i think you missed something in your research.Part of the Ohio River freezes and part of it doesn't.In The Underground RailRoad episodes,the slaves crossed over ice.Meaning, Odyssey has to be somewhere between Pennsylvania and Ohio...
    --Josiah J.

This is really exciting:- If you want to know the exact location of Odyssey, simply watch the video episode "A Race to the Finish". Sherman is being taunted by their neighbours' cat, resulting in a chase followed by an explosive cat-dog conflagration. We are taken briefly up to space to see a shot of continental US with a mushroom cloud erupting from... THE EXACT LOCATION OF ODYSSEY! So see for yourself... Just pause the movie and hold up a map of the US beside it, and you can clearly see Odyssey is in the State of..............
    --Phil L.

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