"The State" References

Periodically, characters on Adventures in Odyssey mention "the state," but they never say which state that is. The writers are very clever in keeping the fans guessing. What follows is a brief overview of "the state" as mentioned throughout the show.

  • Chris introduces What Happened to the Silver Streak? by stating that Whit's End has one of the largest train sets in the state. Whit also reveals that some of the kids' train cars will be considered for the state fair.

  • In One Bad Apple, Mr. Whittaker mentions that he will call the state capital the next morning regarding a pollution concern near Tom Riley's farm.

  • "The state" is referenced multiple times in the episode Timmy's Cabin. Not once is it helpful in determining where Odyssey is. The only thing we learn in this episode is that "the state" can get really annoying.

  • In Family Values, Mr. Johnson talks about a resort he wants to take his family to. He simply says, "It's up state."

  • Tom for Mayor is good with teasing avid fans. Again, "the state" is referenced and one can almost lose count. Re-phrasing's not a problem, either. It's also considered "our beloved state" by a certain well-known resident genius.

  • Again, "the state" is given some airtime in Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard, not the actual name we want to hear.

  • In The Pact, when referencing how long it will take to get to a certain camp, Tom Riley says that it is just across the state line and that it will take up to three hours to get there. However, he does not mention the name of the state in which Odyssey is located.

  • In Dead Ends, Eugene wants to know if "the state" gave his foster parents any information regarding his father, Leonard Meltsner.

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