Second Thoughts



Bernard Walton



"We're in the middle of Iowa. Unless you can make micro-chips out of cow chips, there's not gonna be a computer repair shop for probably 200 miles." (explaining the unlikelihood of Eugene's computer to be fixed)


Receiver of Quote:

Eugene Meltsner




  • In Connie, Connie boards a bus traveling from Odyssey to Los Angeles. The bus trip takes her through at least Des Moines, Iowa; and Denver, Colorado before arriving at Los Angeles. Earlier on in the episode, Whit reveals that Connie will be on a bus for two days. Her ultimate stop is Los Angeles. If it is a two-day journey from Odyssey to California, then it must take less than two days to drive from Odyssey to Des Moine, Iowa.

  • In The Green Ring Conspiracy, Monty Whittaker reveals that he serves as a food inspector in Des Moines, Iowa. From the evidence given, Des Moines is far away from Odyssey.

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