To this day, Georgia has never been mentioned specifically by a character in such a way that eliminates the possibility of Odyssey residing there.



  • In The Green Ring Conspiracy, Detective Polehaus finds some flight plans for the plane that crashed in Gower's field. It was originally intended for Chicago, but got switched to Atlanta, Georgia. It was a flight which left from Odyssey. This seems to suggest that Odyssey is not in Georgia. However, not enough evidence is included to guarantee that Odyssey is not in either state (we go by specific mentions of states).
  • In Sergeant York II, Eugene tells Kids Radio listeners that Sergeant York boarded a train in 1917 for Camp Gordon in Atlanta, Georgia. Since this is only mentioned during a story, it is vague and does not indicate whether Odyssey is located in Georgia or not.
  • In the Kidsboro book series, one of the character is described as being from the state of Georgia, suggesting that Odyssey is not located in Georgia. However, we go by specific mentions of states in the audio series only as our main source of proof).

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