Episodes That Take Place Away from Odyssey

Throughout the series, characters occasionally travel to far away places. Sometimes they drive to nearby cities, and other times they fly across the globe. The following list provides more insights into the places that Odyssey characters have visited. Know about a trip we don't have yet? Send us an email.


Family Vacation

The Barclays travel to Florida, but are detained at Grace and Chester's farm.


Camp What-a-Nut

Donny McCoy attends Camp What-a-Nut far from Odyssey.



Connie takes a bus ride to Los Angeles, California, to visit family, old friends, and familiar hangouts.


The Last Great Adventure of the Summer
An exciting chase takes Terry and his father to Manhattan, New York. They also travel to London.


Connie Goes to Camp

Connie serves as a camp counselor at Camp What-a-Nut away from Odyssey.


Rescue from Manatugo Point

Whit's experiences at the Battle of Guadalcanal


Operation: Dig-Out

Whit's experiences at the Battle of Guadalcanal


The Barclay Ski Vacation

The Barclays take a mini-vacation to Ski Lodge in the mountains.


Ice Fishing

Eugene, Tom, Whit, and Monty take an ice fishing trip to Summit Lake, the highest lake from Odyssey.


All's Well with Boswell

Robyn Jacobs and Jessie Morales accidentally ride a company truck to Connellsville.


Not One of Us

Connie Kendall and Lucy Schultz visit a town called Sloughburg, just across the state line.


The Vow

George and Donna Barclay take a trip to Washington D.C.


Train Ride

Whit and Eugene take a train from Chicago to Odyssey.


Waylaid in the Windy City

Whit and Connie fly to Chicago to see the sights.


Last in a Long Line

Whit and Eugene briefly travel to Connellsville to find clues about Eugene's father.


The Cross of Cortes

Whit and Eugene fly to Mexico City to uncover a lost artifact.


East Winds, Raining

"Uncle" Joe Finneman experiences the terrible events of Pearl Harbor.


An Act of Nobility

Whit tells the story of a man who saved the throne of the king of Moldavia.


Feud for Thought

Eugene and Bernard attend a Walton family reunion in Connellsville.


The Mysterious Stranger

Whit and Lucy briefly visit a burned out house in Connellsville.


Aloha Oy!

The Barclays and the Rathbones fly to Hawaii together for a vacation.


The War Hero

"Uncle" Joe Finneman recounts a bad memory he had in Papua New Guinea.


First-Hand Experience

Whit and Bernard begin separate road trips in Connellsville and other cities.


Second Thoughts

Eugene and Bernard stay in Woodtown, Iowa, while repairs are done to Bernard's truck.


Third Degree

Bernard and Eugene stop in Colorado due to a driving ticket.


It Happened at Four Corners

Bernard and Eugene drive through Four Corners, Arizona.


The Fifth House on the Left

Bernard and Eugene purchase a pickup truck in Los Angeles and survive an earthquake.


A Name, Not a Number

Jason takes care of last minute NSA responsibilities in Geneva, Switzerland.


Blackbeard's Treasure

Jack Allen tells the story of childhood memories with Whit in Bath, North Carolina.


The Underground Railroad

William Ross tells the story of a family who escaped to freedom, from Tennessee to Cincinnati.


Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D.

The Barclay family travels to Pokenberry Falls in New England.


Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard

Edwin Blackgaard performs a play for a city called Pecanburg.


Memories of Jerry

Jason Whittaker tells the story of his childhood in Chicago and an overnight stay at the shore of Lake Michigan.


Blind Justice

Bernard and Eugene get called to jury duty in Connellsville.


The Search for Whit

Eugene and Jason travel to Chicago and Tel Aviv in search of John Avery Whittaker.


The Right Choice

Jason, Whit, and Eugene stay in Chicago long enough for Eugene to crash a wedding.



Jack Allen tell Eugene the story of when he and Whit were in Nebraska.


Solitary Refinement

Eugene seeks the help of a monastery in Connellsville.


The Other Woman

Tom Riley, Rodney, and Doris Rathbone visit Hillingdale Haven in Connellsville for a short time.


It's a Pokenberry Christmas

Whit and Eugene visit the Barclay family in Pokenberry Falls, New England.


Arizona Sunrise

Jack Allen tells Cody the story of a circuit rider's history in the west.


Faster Than a Speeding Ticket

Whit receives a speeding ticket in Connellsville.


The Triangle

Whit and Jack share the story of their younger years in southern California



Whit and Mary Hopkins deal with the building of a new Whit's End in Connellsville.


Shining Armor

Jason Whittaker travels to South America for a missions trip.


Relatively Annoying

Alex Jefferson visits his grandparents' house away from Odyssey.


Strange Boy in a Strange Land

Mandy Straussberg and Sarah Pratchet go camping away from Odyssey.


Grand Opening

Whit's End in Connellsville opens.


The Black Veil

Jason travels to Alaska to help a church.


Sheep's Clothing

Jason gets to know his new intern in Alaska.


The Unraveling

Connie visits Mitch's sister in Maine.



Whit and Tom go to Forest Mountain in Connellsville to stop Andromeda.


The Pact

Mandy, Whit, and Tom visit Hillingdale Haven in Connellsville.


Bassett Hounds

Bernard and Wooton visit Wooton's family in Alaska.


The Mystery at Tin Flat

The Washington family goes on a vacation to a ghost town called Tin Flat.


Black Clouds

Connie and Joanne stop at a diner in the middle of nowhere.


Silver Lining

Connie and Joanne drive through Virginia.


Pink Is Not My Color

Connie and Joanne stay with the Bourland family in Washington D.C.


Something Blue

Connie and Joanne try to have a compass appraised in Washington D.C.


Living in the Gray

Connie and Joanne visit George and Jimmy Barclay in Washington D.C.


The Girl in the Sink

Bernard tells Tamika a story from his childhood while on his grandfather's farm in Connellsville.


Nothing But the Half Truth

Wooton agrees to lie for his brother in Connellsville.


Prisoners of Fear

Eugene and Katrina go to Africa to help a remote village.


The Champ of the Camp

Connie writes the story of an adventure she had as a child at Camp Jumonville in California.


Dead Ends

Eugene visits his foster parents in Connellsville.


A Time for Action

Whit and Eugene travel to Connellsville.


The Top Floor

Whit, Eugene, and Jason fly to Chicago and New York.


The Other Side of the Glass

Whit, Wooton, and Bernard visit a glass company in Connellsville.


Life, in the Third Person

David Straussberg and his father look for a house in Chicago.


The Labyrinth I

Jason pursues a nemesis named Mr. Grote to London.


The Pilot

Jeff Lewis tells the story of a mission trip to a remove village.


The Launch*

Whit and Wooton travel to Uganda to help a young woman caught in a conflict between two warring tribes.


Mission: Unaccomplished*

The Parker family journeys to Kenya excited to help the local children, but quickly find their big plans changed by injuries and surprises.


The Drop Box*

During a visit to South Korea, Whit and Eugene meet a pastor whose house has become a home for abandoned children.


The Cure*

Wooton's visit home leads to surprise encounters and a chance to carry the Gospel into remote Alaskan villages during the Iditarod.


To the Ends of the Earth*

While delivering Bibles to a tribe in Papua, Whit and Jason become victims of sabotage and must choose whether to love their enemy.


Walter's Flying Bus*

In Uganda, Camilla meets a courageous young orphan with special needs, big dreams and a jungle full of amazing friends.


A Daughter's Love*

Travel to Singapore, where Min’s loving relationship with her father is tested by hard times and life-changing choices.


Words from the Wise

Wooton travels to Pittsburgh with his new fiancée Penny to meet her family. While there, Wooton discovers that his future in-laws have serious concerns about the upcoming wedding.


*Odyssey Adventure Club episode

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