Triple Decker Sundae

Only enter if you dare! Spoilers of any and all types may be present here as we discuss episodes that have not yet aired on the radio.
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Triple Decker Sundae


Honestly, I was disappointed. Olivia destroyed her friendship with her best friend and was overall kind of immature. I also was mind blown by the fact that she’s still 12. huh? I know a lot of people would say that olivia was just acting this way because she was losing her faith, but this kind of happened so suddenly and yelled at zoe even tho zoe already did so much 4 her
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Well, I have some things to say about this episode.
First off, the title had nothing to do with any threesome in the episode. Oh well. I don't know if it's just me, but I imagine it would be hard to eat so much ice cream.

So, this was mostly Olivia talking/arguing with herself. Which I'm perfectly fine with. The way that 'herself' was split into the Leonid dude was clever. It gave a means by which to explore her thoughts. I did find his food thing a bit weird, though...
cheesesoup123 wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 2:20 pm
I also was mind blown by the fact that she’s still 12. huh?
Same here. I don't even want to think about how old that makes Matthew and Camilla -- too late, I just did. :mad:
cheesesoup123 wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 2:20 pm
Honestly, I was disappointed. Olivia destroyed her friendship with her best friend and was overall kind of immature.
Olivia ditching Zoe makes perfect sense in Olivia's mindset. Olivia doesn't want her struggles to be front-page news. Even if Zoe was trying to help, her help is like a betrayal to Olivia because Zoe promised not to tell anyone. On the other hand, Zoe didn't even want to let Wilson know it was Olivia. She started by saying she needed advice about 'a friend'. But since Wilson already knew, she didn't bother playing dumb anymore. So yeah, it was immature of Olivia to storm off without hearing the whole explanation, but at first glance (what she saw), Zoe looked like a traitor. But I don't know if I agree that Olivia was immature through the whole episode.
(it also may be worth mentioning that this isn't the first time Olivia has broken up her friendship with Zoe)

Something to note: At the end, Wilson says that he hoped Olivia giving her testimony would help her with her doubts. And Olivia said that he asked he 'three weeks ago'. I really don't think three weeks have passed after Higher Than Our Ways, but Wilson's line later on is a bit confusing.

I did like this episode. There are important questions scattered throughout that would be good for listeners to think about. As for Olivia and Zoe, I have a feeling the next episode, Set a Watchman, will deal with the problem of their friendship. Hence the theme, friendship./spoiler]
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I've been having some account problems, but I guess it's fixed now. Here's the message I wrote before "Set A Watchman" was released:

Ah, yes. “Triple-Decker Sundae”. Here are my thoughts:
Should have figured that it would involve a triple-decker sundae.

It’s interesting how Olivia is talking to the Leonid philosopher throughout the episode. I guess his thoughts and questions are representing the things that Olivia researched about him and is trying to argue with them in her head. This was a very unique way to do it, and I liked it! I also found it funny how he kept asking for Olivia’s food. :lol:

Interestingly enough, I tried looking up Leonid Sebanov (or however you spell his name) to see if he was a real person and couldn’t find anything. It seems as though the AIO Team made up a historical character. I wonder if they did that so that the listeners wouldn’t research a real atheist and get ideas.

Overall, I thought it was good! The topics they are dealing with in this whole Olivia-losing-her-faith arc are very relevant in today’s world. I applaud the AIO Team for it. :clap:

“Set a Watchman” releases next. I’m interested in seeing what it holds!

I predict that the next episode will begin with Olivia throwing up and learning about the sin of gluttony.\:D/ :anxious:
Next episode releases on the Club tomorrow! :mad: \:D/
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