Badges of Honor

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Badges of Honor


This episode was released early on YouTube
Did anyone listen to it?
Here are my thoughts on it (the dog parts, mostly):
I am very happy that the writers made Sparky a major part of this episode. Despite a brief mention in Divided We Fall, Sparky has pretty much disappeared from the Meltsner family. That's the main reason I like this episode.

Me, being a huge dog fan and dog owner, was over-analyzing every scene with Sparky. The scene with Olivia and Zoe trying to train him was great. "Sit, Sparky." (uh, guys, the dog doesn't know English) "I think he's confused." "He's probably confused why we offer him something that smells like putrefying liver." (just the kind of thing a dog would like) "Uh, Sparky?" "Where is he?" "I don't know, I left him right here." (PFFFFF you LEFT him there?! You actually PUT DOWN a puppy's leash in an open space??) "He has legs, Olivia!" (Exactly, Zoe.) It was cool that you could hear Sparky run away while they were talking.
Lost your own pet? Stressful. Lost someone else's pet? Can't imagine that.

The scene where Sparky gets run over. That was intense.
I'm glad the sound designers spared the listeners the sounds of an animal in pain. I've had something similar to this happen, and the noise that was made scared everyone in the neighborhood.
Nice reappearance of Patricia Carter! I had heard A Forgiving Heart a few days before hearing this episode, so that was nice. I can also relate to the stress the owners of an injured pet can go through.
And now Sparky is a three-legged dog. I once met a three-legged dog, and I didn't even notice it had three legs until the owner pointed it out. So that should work out fine for Sparky.

(Sorry for all the dog stuff. Like I said, that was the main reason I enjoyed this episode)

As for other elements...
It would have been cool to see the dog in the artwork.
During the fishing scene, I was wondering if Olivia and Zoe would capsize the boat. That would have been funny.
I was actually surprised to find out the Marcys had sabotaged Olivia and Zoe. The whole time, I was waiting for them to be proved innocent. But I guess that would have been too predictable.
And now it's confirmed that Sparky is actually Buck's dog. Though I had imagined Eugene using weird and complicated training techniques on Sparky. Oh, well...
Rating out of five: 4
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